7 Common Mistakes To Avoid When Buying A Wheelchair Ramp

In the year 2015, there were around three million wheelchair users in America. Researchers predicted that this number would rise exponentially as the US is an aging society.

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If you, a family member or family member uses wheelchairs, either for a short period or a long time you may be thinking about ways to make your home more accessible. One of the most effective methods to get rid of a staircase that is a burden both inside and outside is to install a ramp for wheelchairs.

Check out our guide to finding a ramp for your wheelchair that will meet the needs of you or your loved one.

1. Going For The Cheapest Option

If you go into your wheelchair ramp hunt looking to save a buck, you’ll likely end up with an inferior-and potentially dangerous, if not downright life-threatening-apparatus.

You could save money in the short term but these products aren’t typically backed by lengthy warranties or warranties. This means that you’ll have to pay from your pockets when the product eventually, and likely all too soon, fails.

2. Not Doing the Research

There are many wheelchair ramp manufacturers or suppliers as well as retailers on the market. How do you determine which one is for your requirements? You must conduct the research.

Review online the different leading ramp brands, models and models. Consult your doctor for suggestions on the kinds of ramps they like to purchase or view others who purchased. Compare the cost of custom ramps against the ready-to-install alternatives.

Since installing ramps for wheelchairs can be difficult, you could reduce your search by creating a list of the shops near your house. If you aren’t able to find a reputable service nearby Don’t hesitate to explore further.

3. Attempting A DIY Install

You may think that you can save money by constructing an accessible ramp for wheelchairs yourself. This could turn out to be a serious plan for disaster no matter how skilled you consider yourself to be.

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Whatever alternatives for ramps for wheelchairs you pick, you must always employ professionals to build the ramps. Not just any builder. You should find someone who has expertise in the safety aspects related to the installation of wheelchair ramps.

If a ramp isn’t set up properly, it could fail or shift in use. This could cause injuries and even injury to a person using a wheelchair or their caregiver.

4. Buying Used

If you’re operating on a restricted budget for wheelchair ramps, then you may be tempted to shop for second-hand equipment. Sure, you’ll save costs, but you’ll put at risk security in this process.

If you think that a secondhand or a dealer is reliable but there’s no method to know the truth about the past of the ramp that you’re buying. Previous owners may have repaired cracks, strengthened weak spots or even replaced components, but you won’t be able to discern. This could compromise the strength and safety of the ramp which could lead to accidents.

If you’re a person with a low income consider researching the Medicare benefits as well as costs to help to pay for the ramp for your wheelchair instead of an item that is secondhand.

5. Ignoring ADA Guidelines

If you’re planning to install an accessible ramp for wheelchairs in a public area, you have to comply with the guidelines of the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. However, these guidelines are also useful for homeowners in determining the right ramp for you or someone else’s requirements.

The ADA includes ramp specifications , such as wheelchair ramp dimensions (minimum wide and maximal slope) and landing dimensions and ramp rails. These specifications are specifically made to assist those who use wheelchairs and you’re guaranteed to find the perfect ramp if you take them into consideration when shopping.

6. Not Considering The Location

You may think that an accessible ramp for wheelchairs can be one size that fits everyone, but that’s not the situation. There’s nothing more frustrating than spending the money to purchase ramps for wheelchairs only to discover it’s too small or large for the space you have.

If you decide to not take the route of customizing your ramp then you must find the right ramp for your particular location.

Before you start researching online ramp options, take a look at your space. Note any obstacles, such as staircases, tall drop-offs, railings and curbs. It is important to ensure that the ramp you purchase does away with or covers these types of features to avoid accidents and falls.

7. Not Vetting The Supplier

As we discussed in the seventh point, you must research the various brands of ramps available there. But, once you’ve decided on the right ramp (or ramps) to meet your requirements it is important to research the manufacturers as well. You should buy from a business that provides excellent customer support which includes installation, as well as post purchase follow-up.

Ask around with your family and friends as well as healthcare professionals for dealer recommendations. Find out if the business you’re interested in is in compliance with ADA standards and has been approved as a dealer. What are their customer reviews from the Better Business Bureau and Google maps?

If a manufacturer, dealer or retailer looks suspicious to you, then they most likely are. Beware of them and move on to other options you have on your list.

Buying a Wheelchair Ramp Takes Time

If you’re looking for a new ramp for your wheelchair it is essential to conduct your research to find the most reliable firms. The ramps you choose to purchase must be strong enough to support the weight of the person and their wheelchair. Also, they must be secure as they are used by those with different abilities.

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