7 Best Front End Web Development tools in 2021


7 Best Front End Web Development tools in 2021

To accelerate the web development process, we require the front-end web development tools that help developers build attractive website layouts and applications easily. The web development company in India assures that they use all the latest front end web development tools to create the best user experience for the end users. These front-end web development tools are adding so much value to our lives by making our development work faster than ever.

What are the best tools and technology for Front End Development Tools?

Some of the most common front end development tools used by developers are as follows.

1. Angular.JS

Angular has been considered as one of the top front end development tools for a couple of years now as it is an open-source web application framework. It extends HTML Vocabulary. It gives an environment that is quick to develop, readable and expressive. The tool set that Angular JS provides helps you to build a framework for application development.

The main features of AngularJS include:

– Free and open source

– Extensively used by thousands of developers across the world

– Create rich internet applications

– Automatically handles JavaScript code for each browser

2. Code kit

Code kit is one of the front-end web development tools that are used to build websites faster. It easily minifies and checks syntax in JavaScript. Besides, it also optimizes images in the websites

The main features of Code Kit include:

– Minifies code easily.

– Works automatically with all the languages.

– Uses essential combined scripts to reduce HTTPS requests.

– Immediate response to the webpage when CSS changes are done.

3. Code pen

Code pen provides a web development environment for both front end designers and backend developers. It entertains faster and smooth web development. Many web designers and developers use these tools to build, deploy and check test cases.

The main features of Code pen include:

– Easy drag and drop of files to be embedded in the file

– Offers built-in components for specific sections

– Allows live view and live sync

– Multiple users can access code in a pen at the same time

4. Sublime Text

Sublime text is a widely used cross-platform source code editor. Most of the web designers and developers use this front-end development tool as it supports many programming languages and markup languages.

The main features of Code pen include:

– Multiple section features allowing to multitask at the same time

– Offers python-based plugin API

– Language compatible

– Authority to developers to give project specific preference

5. Chrome Developers Tools

Chrome web developer tool is a top tool for web developers. The chrome web developer tool is built into Google chrome. This tool has the functionalities to view and change a page style while being online.

The major features of Chrome Developers Tool include:

– Inspect all the network activity online

– Measure performance directly

– Robust security panel to control the performance

6. Visual Studio Code

Visual Studio Code can run anywhere. It consists of features such as IntelliSense, Debugging, built-in Git and extensions to add more languages. This software supports Windows, Mac and Linux platforms.

The major features of Visual Studio Code include:

– Extensible

– Easily customizable

– Easily debug with breakpoints, call stacks and an interactive console

7. Sketch

One of the best software to create responsive and reusable components of the website is Sketch. It provides a smart layout with hundreds of plugins. It is best used for creating timeline animations.

The major features of Sketch tool include:

– Powerful vector editing facilities

– Good collaboration feature to share designs and prototypes

– Easily convertible

Bottom Line:

From the above web development tools, there are tools that are free to use and other tools that require license to be used. There are plenty of common questions that arise while talking about web development.

It becomes important to keep up with the design based on the latest trends to improve usability and performance of the website online.

Which tool is best for web developers?

Web development tools should be selected based on the project needs and requirements. Also, web developers need to possess the essential web design tools to deliver the best web solutions.

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