6 Smart tips to Becoming more Productive

Being productive and staying focused has always been a problem. In today’s society – with more distractions than ever – it has become a bigger challenge than ever before. Given that everyone is busy with their mobile phones and social media all the time, it’s a wonder people are getting anything done during the day at all. But there are easy ways to become more efficient and focused.


1. Respect your time better


How often do you think you have worked all day but still not got anything done? Does that thought pop up every other day? You are not alone! For many, it is difficult to judge how much they have actually done each day. It can be difficult to get concrete evidence that everyone you have really worked with during all the hours you sat in front of a computer during the day. It’s easy to float away and do a lot of other things than work – and to confuse it with work because it happens during working hours.


One way to avoid this is to keep a job diary. Write a checklist of things to do each day. Check them off one by one. Reward yourself with small breaks from time to time, then you can update your Facebook or check social media. But be strict with yourself. You may need to practice your self-discipline.


It is also helpful to ask yourself these questions at least once a day:


What would happen if I did not do these things? Do you waste valuable time on things that are completely unimportant?

Do I really need to do this? Can you ask someone else to do just that task?

    Am I wasting someone else’s time by calling or emailing him / her unnecessarily? Are you perhaps the reason why other people are not as productive as they can and want to be?


2. Stay in good shape


Regular exercise, in any form, makes you healthier, more alert and more energetic. Being trained also gives you greater opportunities to focus and maintain the energy needed to stand out from the crowd. According to Padeltennisguiden, sports like tennis or padel can be a great way to exercise yet have fun at the same time.


3. Review your routines


The biggest challenge is not to find out what we should do, but to become clearer about what we should not do. Review your routines. Are all meetings really necessary? Can you skip some? Make them shorter? Get better at saying no. Teach people to respect your time and gain lots of time for other things. Close the door if you can. Otherwise, you can simply tell colleagues who constantly want coffee, talk shit or go out and smoke that you are busy


Also review your duties. Look for those that generate maximum dividends with minimal effort. Then you get started quickly and create a feeling that the rest of the day can be just as effective.


4. Increase your productivity at the start of the day


A productive day is a good day, and it takes shape already when you wake up. That’s why it’s good to start getting up a little earlier. It will give you extra time to not have to stress.


It is important that your start to the day is personal and motivating. Visualize how you want the day to go, and do it in a positive way.


Talk to yourself and get inspired. Try not to start a workday without having a clear plan of what to do.


5. Look for something to focus on


Concentration is a fundamental part of increasing your productivity. It is to focus on something specific. You can make it easier for yourself by defining something to emphasize in your task.


It will help you find your own way to do it.


It’s a good idea to come up with themes for your focus. Monday has one, Tuesday another, etc. The famous to-do list also works well.


Experts suggest that you do the least motivating things first – the ones that are most annoying, difficult, or difficult. Then you can focus on the rest.


6. Identify when you are performing at your best


We all have different emotional and biological cycles. There are times when you are more alert and motivated. Observe yourself for a few days so you can identify them.


It benefits you a lot to know when you are performing at your best. Just by finding out when you have the most energy, you will have taken a giant step. This is regardless you are an accountant or a house builder according to Byggtipsen.


What comes next is to start scheduling your hard work at these times. This is one of the most effective tricks you can use to increase your productivity.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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