6 sales-boosting workflows for ecommerce marketing automation


6 sales-boosting workflows for ecommerce marketing automation

Ecommerce is now considered the modern form of business, as many business owners have made a fortune with the help of ecommerce marketing. Building a successful ecommerce empire isn’t such an easy task but once you manage to understand its workflow, your business is most likely to boom.

There is nothing more satisfying than seeing your business grow and sales rise. However, an exponential increase can leave you overwhelmed with the added work and pressure that comes with it. As the business starts to generate revenue and undergo expansion, the most viable option is to delegate repetitive and manual work. However, the real question stands “is this the best option?”

Well the answer is No! The need for using smart tools is always present, especially in marketing. Relevant marketing tools allow businesses to save time and effort on automatable tasks, otherwise, doing manual work will be a waste of your resources.

There are multiple software available now that allows businesses to automatically engage with their customers or clients and help in setting up a dedicated workflow. The key to increasing sales and boosting your business is via automation workflowsmarketing. Here are some of the sales-boosting workflows for ecommerce marketing automation.

1. Welcome Offers:

It should be clear that every interaction with your clients should result in increasing your business revenue by sales and establishing customer loyalty. One of the most effective ways to increase sales is by sending welcome offers.

Greeting and approaching clients with welcome offers is a sure way to transform customer interests into instant sales. You can set up a workflow that automatically sends emails with carefully drafted welcome offers to every new subscriber.

You can get even better results by segmenting your new subscribers according to the things that prompted them to subscribe in the first place. Appealing to the interests of individuals would allow you a better chance of making a sale. You can provide your customers with discount vouchers that will encourage them to buy your product, whenever they are browsing through your collection.

2. Follow up emails:

There is a pile of unopened emails in every individual’s inbox and single-email campaigns have a low conversion rate. Therefore, following up on unopened emails can increase your chances of sales significantly.

The workflow automation for follow-up emails is the best, as it detects people who haven’t opened their emails and can send another one. Nevertheless, make sure to wait at least 48 hours before sending a follow-up email. Otherwise, people can end up being annoyed.

If you see some of your subscribers aren’t responding to their emails, you can try an SMS as a last resort for those who might not be checking out their emails. Presence of such an automated workflow, you can get a higher number of sakes within the same subscriber base.

3. Birthday Messages:

SMS marketing can be intrusive and may irritate most people, not to mention that it’s expensive. SMS and email are both recommended for the birthdays of subscribers. A wishful message followed by a complimentary email that offers a discount can help in changing conversion rates considerably by improving sales.

4. Utilize Cart Abandonment:

The ratio of cart abandonment is significantly higher with ecommerce, as it is estimated that 7 out of 10 users abandon their cart before checking out and there can be several reasons for doing so, such as
Customers got distracted.

Had second thoughts about the price or Require more time to think about buying.

No matter what the issue was with the customer that left them abandoning the cart, even if they didn’t proceed with the purchase you can get a better idea of their preferences. A dedicated workflow allows you to encourage sales by push notifications, emails, discounts, and Facebook retargeting.

You can set up a workflow for the targeting cart abandonment, that would be responsible for sending a push notification after 10 to 15 minutes, which would help in reminding them about their cart. It is an excellent way to bring back customers if they were distracted and encourage sales.

5. Prompting More Sales:

Most buyers expect to know the status of their delivery and shipping. A great way to increase sales or up-sales is by letting customers know that their order has left for shipping. You can also add a discount coupon that entitles free shipping or any other for the next order they make. It will attract more customers, as they would be tempted to utilize their discount as soon as possible.

Workflow automation can help you identify that the order has left for shipping and send an SMS to the customers. The message should include the current status of their delivery along with a discount coupon. Although the best conversion rates are with SMS you can always use emails.

6. Reactive Existing Customers:

It is known for a fact that a loyal customer is worth ten times more than a new one. Therefore, instead of focusing on getting new customers, it’s best to retain the ones that you already have. Customers who have bought from you in the past are aware of your quality and if they buy again, you’ll know that they are satisfied as well.

The best way to keep customers engaged is by establishing an automated workflow that sends frequent follow-ups and reactive notifications. A carefully drafted email or SMS with engaging text and new offers can be the reason for immediate sales. We all understand there is nothing better than communicating with your customers.


Ecommerce marketing has become a necessity for all ecommerce businesses and taking assigning manual work is nothing less than a waste of time and resources for an organization. An automated workflow isn’t just a way of improving branding but also reduces human errors.

Workflow automation is highly significant for every business but the benefits are much more when it comes to ecommerce. Workflow automation has undoubtedly revolutionized how marketing is carried out for ecommerce businesses. Which I the reason why we need it to ensure future growth.

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