6 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying 10×10 Canopies


6 Critical Factors to Consider Before Buying 10x10 Canopies

Many businesses are currently using canopy tents for marketing. Many non-profits use these tents to provide curbside shade from the sun outside their buildings. Canopy tents are great for custom printing.

Businesses can easily custom-print their branding or marketing images on these canopies and use them to promote their brands. The bonus? Canopies can offer target audiences much-needed shelter from the elements.

However, shopping for a well-built 10×10 canopy tent is not easy. Your customized tent needs to be the right size and shape to be visible to target audiences. How to buy the finest canopy tents that are perfectly suited for your requirements?

87% of shoppers in the West rely on reviews and ratings to make buying decisions. But what if the reviews on your seller’s website are fake? What if there are no reviews at all? This article explores six critical factors shoppers must review before buying canopy tents –

1. Are the Canopy Tents Portable?

One of the key differences between 10×10 canopies and other promotional tools is that canopies can be portable. The best-selling canopies in the market are all portable. That’s because users like packing up their tents to small sizes and traveling with them.

10 feet x 10 feet is the largest size you can get while shopping for “pop-up” tents. That means many similarly-sized tents may not have travel-friendly features. Make sure the canopy tents you purchase are portable. Or else traveling with them will be a hassle.

2. Space and Installation

10 feet x 10 feet canopy tents are typically very space-friendly. Although these tents provide adequate space for 3-4 people, they’re also easy to carry. Before ordering your canopy tents, measure the spaces where you envisage them being installed. Your tents’ shapes and sizes need to be appropriate for crowded trade shows.

3. Select Canopy Tents with Aluminum Frames

Canopy tents with aluminum frames are much lighter and easier to pack, unlike canopies with steel frames. Aluminum frames are also resistant to corrosion/rust and extreme weather conditions. These lightweight frames are extremely durable, unlike canopies with plastic frames. Be it sunny weather or windy conditions – canopy tents with aluminum frames are always stable.

4. Guarantee of Durability

People use canopy tents to gain protection from the elements. Unless your tents come with guarantees of durability, don’t buy them. Of course, rain or wind will inevitably damage your custom canopy tents. But, the tents must be made of strong materials and have a sturdy design. Such tents typically last for 7-10 years (or more).

5. Ease of Use

Look for terms like “instant assembly” or “easy to use” in the canopy tent’s “product description” section. Many canopies on the market today are designed to be put up or taken down within seconds. Only pick the tents that provide these features.

6. Custom Graphics

Lastly, and most importantly, your tent seller must offer premium-quality customization options. The best sellers receive artwork from their customers and custom print it on their tents. Look for websites that offer such user-friendly customization optio

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