6 Best WordPress Chat Plugins Compared for 2022 and Beyond

If you’re searching for a way to improve your customer service, build trust and brand loyalty for your clients, and even boost sales, installing any one of the top WordPress live chat plugins onto your web may well be the way to go.

Presently, you’ll need a decent website to manage an online business. One of the essential functions of a website is to notify visitors regarding your products or services. To make your website succeed, you must be able to communicate with customers more quickly and effectively. 

If you’re searching for a way to improve your customer service, build trust and brand loyalty for your clients, and even boost sales, installing any one of the top WordPress live chat plugins onto your web may well be the way to go.

To manage an online business, you’ll need the top website chat plugin. Because the chat plugin makes it quick and straightforward to engage with your customers and users, it helps you create great relationships with them. 

Undoubtedly, a WordPress chat plugin is an excellent approach to interact with your website’s visitors.

If you’re seeking the ideal WordPress chat plugins, we’ve compiled a list of the best and most user-friendly WordPress chat plugins that will let you communicate with your clients or visitors right away. But, let’s take a quick look at,

What are the benefits of using chat plugins?

Today, upwards of 70% of eCommerce website users now use chat plugins to help them run their businesses. Furthermore, most internet users and consumers prefer to use chat support instead of sending emails or other forms of communication for any concerns. 

Plugins help automate the interactions with your consumers. Chatbots can handle communication and transfer it to you as necessary. This is an excellent method for capturing leads and improving client happiness.

In comparison to an email, a live chat feels more intimate. It’s more convenient than talking on the phone. 

Moving ahead, below are some-

Benefits of using chat plugins! 

Have a look at a few of the most important advantages: 

  • Quicker responses and services
  • Boost user participation
  • Enables virtual assistance around the clock 
  • It helps to enhance your sales
  • Increases your competitiveness 

Apart from the above, there are many other benefits of using WordPress chat plugins. If you want to know more about WordPress chat plugins, you can contact the top WordPress development company in India. 

Coming back to the topic, we’ve seen the benefits of WordPress chat plugins, now let’s check,

Best WordPress chat plugins of 2022 and beyond!

Here’s the quick rundown of the top 6 WordPress chat plugins:

#1. Zendesk 

Zendesk Chat is a high-end online chat plugin ideal for both novice website owners and full-fledged businesses. It meets your basic live chat requirements, but subscription suites for various business kinds develop your communication services into an innovative and highly productive network. Compatibility with PCs, mobile devices, and critical browsers is among the features you can expect from your core Zendesk Chat plugin. Adjust the system’s appearance and functionality to ensure that interactions are quick, friendly, and productive. A $14 upgrade alternative is available if you wish to use the plugin’s premium features. This subscription plugin unlocks more advanced features like chat triggers, which automatically turn the chatbox while browsing the website.

#2. Tidio

Tidio is an excellent option for anyone seeking a free WordPress chat plugin for their website. It’s a multipurpose customer service platform that allows you to give world-class customer assistance directly from your website. This is a fantastic approach to get more leads and revenue. The plugin also supports 183 languages, allowing you to communicate with your foreign users more efficiently. Offline communications can indeed be saved, and a reminder can be sent to your users. It sends you notifications when visitors come to your site and shows you a live-type preview. You can know which page your visitors are on and provide them with targeted assistance. Staying in touch with your guests is made easier using email marketing solutions.

#3. Formilla

Formilla is a free WordPress plugin that handles all of your live chatting needs. It includes reasonable features, traffic statistics, a free trial, and a package that allows you to manage only one Chat at a time. It also provides some unique customization options for your WordPress website’s design. Advanced users can change the appearance of the WordPress live chat plugin by modifying the CSS code directly. Because it is cross-browser accessible, you will have no trouble using it regardless of whatever browser you choose. This plugin also supports many international languages, ensuring that none of your users are left out. You can quickly tailor the text to your users’ preferences and provide excellent customer service. To leap the benefits of Fomilla, you need to hire WordPress developers in India.

#4. Jivochat

If you’re looking for a powerful WordPress live chat plugin, JivoChat Live Chat is another fantastic alternative. It’s a robust, adaptable plugin that’s one of the most renowned. It has real-time live chat alternatives that allow users to connect in a couple of moments. You can also phone the users and connect your social media accounts for a more effective result. You may also see the comments that your users enter before hitting send, which is a unique feature of this plugin. Furthermore, it is lightweight and quick to load, ensuring that your website does not experience any excessive slowness.

#5. 3 CX Live Chat

3CX Live Chat is a free plugin that can be used independently, but it can also be used in conjunction with the 3CX Communications Suite to add audio and video. This WordPress chat plugin supports an unlimited number of agents, each of whom can exchange a customer for another contact. You can create departments to direct visitors to the appropriate agent. To keep clients updated, create offline messaging. It keeps track of chats so you can look them up afterward. You can have the chat box appear automatically. Embedding photographs and logos in the discussions is a good idea. Surveys and polls can be included in chats.

#6. Pure chat

Pure Chat seems to be the exquisite live chat WordPress plugin on this listing because, as the name implies, it is meant to provide consumers with the greatest possible chatting experience. Of course, stunning chat boxes are customizable, endless colors, incredible features, animations and photos, and much more are all available. Pure Chat is a capable chatting solution for WordPress, in addition to being the center of attention. It includes statistics, multi-chat management, and active triggers to engage and captivate your target audience swiftly. You can indeed access the Chat when offline, and when you do, the chatbox transforms into a form that captures the user’s email address for later contact.


Incorporating WordPress chat plugins will increase sales by giving clients an easier way to acquire answers. It might also make it simple for clients to receive assistance with their items. There are plenty of fantastic WordPress chat plugins available. We hope you’ve discovered the most acceptable way to improve your customer service. Just for you, we’ve listed the top six plugins with premium-like features. And now that we’ve shown you what a WordPress chat plugin can accomplish for your website, we hope you’ll add one to your own.  

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