6 Best Digital Signature Software of 2021


6 Best Digital Signature Software of 2021

What is eSignature software?

As the name suggests, an e-signature software solution enables users to store signatures electronically, invalidating the need for physical documents to record signatures. E-signature software is very useful, especially for legally sensitive documents. Whenever you need to encrypt documents, such as work contracts requiring multiple signatures, they can implement e-signature software.

Integrating digital signature software with third-party applications is common, including HR systems, CRM software, and accounting. Moreover, e-sign software such as FilesDNA ensures legitimacy so that documents meet the security standards for local and federal legal requirements.
Best E-signs Software in 2021



FilesDNA is the most advanced and secure e-signature software that you can get in 2021. It uses blockchain integrity which is the same technology used to secure cryptocurrencies.

Apart from that, FilesDNA has a Smart Signature Pad to give you that traditional pen and paper feel, which is backed with Artificial intelligence and Machine learning technology for added security. Moreover, you can edit, sign, send, and store files securely in this software.

Further, FilesDNA also offers a document management system, e-archive system, QR and BARcode, professional scanner, OCR, web and mobile app, NFC cards and more.

You can use the free version, which offers you most of the features, or you can pay £4/month for a professional account and £6/month for a business account.


Adobe Sign

Another popular e-signature software provider is Adobe Sign, which allows users to manage, sign, and store documents and forms with a legally approved electronic signature. This allows companies to sign or request documents from anywhere and track documents from both web and mobile devices.

Adobe’s E-signature software can also be accessed on desktop or mobile from anywhere in the world, just like FilesDNA. In addition, Adobe Sign is looking forward to going 100% paperless process, including document collaboration and form creation.

The price for Adobe Sign starts from £10.42 monthly for individual plans.



HelloSign is one of the most easiest ways to manage legally binding signatures for businesses of all sizes. This software allows individuals and teams to complete paper efficiently and securely and strive to be one of the most user-friendly platforms.

HelloSign also offers some tools such as automatized email remainders, team management services and flexible signing workflow. This is done to increase the company’s efficiency and help them achieve the ROI at lightning speed. According to HelloSign, their customers have reported a nearly 10% increase in revenues and a 25% increase in closed sales, along with 50k annual savings in employee efficiency.

HelloSign starts at £10.89/month, or it is free for only three documents per month.



DocuSign is also a popular e-signature software that helps the organization connect and automate all the processes behind signing documents. DocuSign Agreement Cloud also features many different tools in addition to the DocuSign e-signature. There are already a hundred thousand people who rely on DocuSign to streamline their business process. As the other e-signature software in this list, DocuSign is also 100% lawful, secure, and court-admissible.

Prices start for DocuSign at £10.89/month for individual plans.


OneSpan Sign

Also known as eSign Live, the OneSpan sign is one of the most security-conscious brands in the world as part of their client list. Additionally, it is also recognized as a leading e-security software by well-known brands. OneSpan provides an optimized e-signing experience no matter what the complexity of the operation is. OneSpan can be used in the cloud or on-premises as it relies on the SaaS platform.

E-signatures in OneSpan offers strong legal protection and regulatory compliance.

OneSpan Sign comes with a 30 day free trial period.



As the name suggests, SignEasy offers one of the easiest and swiftest ways to sign and send documents directly from any mobile device. Today, SignEasy has over 130,000 customers across 150+ countries worldwide, as it provides a user-friendly and secure solution to boost your company’s efficiency.

SignEasy seamlessly integrates with many apps such as Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, and many more.

If you wish you get SignEasy, you can subscribe to it starting from £10.89/month for individual plans.


What should Features Do E-signature software solutions include?

● Should accurately track document status and also notify users when signing or approving actions are needed.

● Should be able to encrypt and secure shared documents.

● E-signs should be able to define user roles and permission rights for internal and external users.

● Also allows senders and recipients to sign documents from any device such as mobile, laptop or desktop from anywhere in the world.

● At last, it should offer document storage capabilities or be able to integrate with third-party e-signature software solutions that offer such services.


Why do you need digital signature software?

There is a number of benefits that you can gain from digital signature software that includes:



It is needed to make legal compliance automated and seamless.



E-signature software solutions these days are fully digital means that companies boost their productivity and save a ton of time as well.



E-signs eliminate the need for printing documents and even storing them physically.


How can E-signature software help your business?

In recent years, digital signature software has come a long way for businesses to become more efficient and transform business documents to become more secure and compliant.

They have been used across many industries, e-signature software significantly reduces document turnaround times for agencies. It surely saves your time on filing documents, sending paperwork out to recipients, sourcing misplaced documents, and many other tasks.

Further, they offer secure storage for your important documents and ensure that everything is in one place for auditing purposes.


Kinds of e-signature software

A common thing between all the e-signature software is that they adhere to specific signature laws and requirements. There are also a number of e-signature solutions and product providers that are not what many people would call ‘mainstream.

Many different types of electronic signatures are used for both personal and professional purposes.

have a look:

Electronic signatures:

E-signature or electronic signature is a type of electronic authentication which verifies the signer’s identity. This can be from a verified email account or corporate ID or even a multi-factor authentication.



Cloud type of e-signatures is a type of SaaS working inside a browser. Most of the e-signature software available today fall under this category. Such models typically offer monthly payment plans with the option to pay overtime based on the surge. They are best known for their user-friendliness.



Such types of e-signature software are installed on the hardware, and the companies that use such type of e-signature solution will need to purchase a license based on how many users are there, based on this, pay an annual maintenance fee. Therefore, these types of tools usually require investment in hardware as well as IT support.

Digital signatures

As the term refers, digital signatures are a very specific type of signatures that are just an updated version of e-signatures. They generally require a certificate-based digital ID which adds a level of encryption to the identity verification method.

After that, the digital signatures are validated through Certificate Authorities (CA) or Trust Services Providers (TSPs). However, both e-signatures and digital signatures can be used for a variety of business purposes.

Wrapping up

If you are willing to integrate an e-signature solution into your agency, then the above given are some e-signature solutions that you can consider. However, FilesDNA would be best suited for your agency as it comes with a host of security levels and different authentication methods. Moreover, it also offers a Smart Signature Pad, which will give you the like and feel of signing with a pen on paper!

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