5 Ways How AI Can Help Your Business Grow

As the world becomes more technology-dependent, people get used to living with artificial intelligence (AI) every day. This is evident when we drive with the car sensing other vehicles around, when we measure our heart rate during a run, when we deposit money to an ATM, and when we see our filtered emails at work among other things. Since AI has infiltrated our lives one way or another, many industries have started using AI to automate business processes, streamline better workflow, and boost productivity to optimize what it has to offer.

AI certainly has a huge impact on how businesses work today since its ability to be flexible and efficient in handling several tasks at once has been helpful especially now when many have transitioned to remote work. It has become a must rather than a ‘nice to have’ asset which simplifies work and positively affects customer journey. In this article, we will walk you through five awesome ways how AI can help your business grow. Let’s begin!

Streamlined work process. AI can acquire the most important item from a sea of data which usually drowns us. Therefore, it is slowly replacing analytics and managers with its incredible data processing speed that manual labor cannot compete with. Workers can therefore cut down their work and focus on polishing what AI has unearthed while adding a sprinkle of their experience and expertise as someone who knows the market and company from a ‘human’ perspective.

To give an example, AI helps hiring managers to put the word out about the company’s opening through online marketing tools as well as look for the best candidate out there through machine learning algorithms. This can help save time as AI will be the one to initially sift through the data before the hiring manager dive deep into them. Pretty simple and cool, right? There are definitely a couple more uses that AI can offer such as setting up calendar events, checking relevant emails, sending out notifications, etc.

Convenient data entry. Manually entering data is one of the most grueling tasks a person can do especially when there are just too many. Though, workers can now count on AI to accurately do this in a short amount of time. Companies can automate their data entry process, maximizing their employees’ time and performance. It’s a matter of finding the best AI-powered solution out there to meet your business needs without the risk of errors. You should just keep in mind that there must be checkups and necessary maintenance to continuously make good use of it. By being able to input data in real-time, you can also improve your network availability which allows you to focus on other priorities without sacrificing your level of responsiveness.

Improved sales with chatbots. It is impossible to answer every inquirer right away which is why businesses turn to chatbots nowadays to fill this gap in a fast-paced environment. Using this technology can empower the company to immediately provide direct communication to their customers which improves brand image. Many business owners get inspired with ideas such as this one as they look for more ways to embed AI in marketing strategies that essentially make the brand more known to their target audiences. Though, when it comes to chatbots, the company should be able to identify the necessary scripts to answer commonly asked questions. Moreover, chatbots have the capacity to analyze and categorize customer reviews upon collecting them which helps the assigned team study the concern at hand more adeptly.

Concrete measure of sentiment. As a business owner, you want to know what’s working and what can be improved to make sure that your team consistently delivers. The insights that AI can offer can help you determine the next best steps or adjustments to achieve your business goals. One of the many abilities AI can do is to record an engagement activity between your sales representatives and potential customers which can allow the team to analyze what caused a certain customer’s response or action afterwards. You’ll then be able to fine-tune your strategy accordingly. You can opt to utilize machine learning capabilities to optimize sales and measure sentiments.

Valuable analytics reporting. Well, data is indeed power. You will be able to forecast your sales through accurate sales reports analysis with the help of AI. This can also help you look into how exactly your marketing tactics have impacted your sales and savings without sinking into infinite information. It is no secret that AI doesn’t really make mistakes due to fatigue so errors can be minimized, allowing you to focus on improving your marketing strategy. Forecasting will also aid you in ensuring that your quarterly and annual goals are met by clearly understanding the market.

We are already co-existing with AI in today’s world. Efficient business operations have become relatively impossible without the use of AIs especially now when there are limitless possibilities on how you can utilize them. Check your business goals, huddle with your team, and time when would be best to further embed AI into your processes.

Ravi Barot
Ravi Barot


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