5 Things to Remember When Developing Your Gojek Clone Script

Developing a high-end App for your business is no joke. The process is tedious and requires a lot of research. Well, research about the market is the first step to kick-start the App Development process. Here, in this blog, we will take a look at 5 major considerations while developing an On-Demand Multi-Services App Solution that’s similar to the Original Gojek App. Count this as a part of your initial research about the App Development for your On-Demand Service Business. 


To get instant success, you need to consider these 5 things mentioned right here! 

Offer Services that your Audience needs and demands 

Build an App that can be useful for people on an everyday basis. So, it is important to know what types of services your target market is asking for. Conduct a small survey for a better idea. Online Taxi Booking, Food Ordering, Grocery Delivery, Medicine Delivery, Car Washers, Beauticians, Plumbers On-Demand are some of the highly employed services. 

Add these services to instantly attract your audience, lure them to download your Gojek like App, and use it! 

Develop App with a Simple Workflow 

It is a complex app as it has numerous features and services on the same board. Thus, Entrepreneurs need to understand the importance of a simple app with a simple navigation system. Make every step from moving one step to another seamless and easy. 

Offer promo codes and referral rewards 

Promo codes, discounts, and even referral programs entice customers to use the Gojek Clone App. So, remember to add components like location-wise promo codes, promo codes for a specific store, and refer & earn rewards! 

Location-Wise Promo Code will be applied when the user is ordering/booking a service from a predefined area. Promo code for specific code comes in handy when a newly opened store wants to promote itself and allows users to obtain free delivery. Whereas, referral rewards can be earned when the user shares their code to invite their friends and family to use the App. 

gojek clone app

Integrate multi-language and multi-currency 

This feature lets the App Users choose their preferred language and currency from an entire list. The best part is that the Entrepreneur can now expand their business even to non-English speaking natives! 

Entrepreneurs can add up to 10 different languages and currencies on this Multi-Service App Like Gojek. Moreover, the app also supports the integration of the Payment Gateway of choice! Therefore, Entrepreneurs can implement Omise Payment Gateway in Thailand & Singapore,  Iyzico in Turkey, Zoop in Brazil, and more.

Online Payment Options are a Must to Have

Offering Secured Payment options supported by the country’s local payment gateway have become a necessity! It gives the customers peace of mind that their financial data is in safer hands. 

And so, Gojek Clone App lets the users make payments via their Credit Cards, In-App Wallets, and even in cash!


Avoid App Development hassles by opting for a Pre-Built App from an On-Demand Mobile App Development Company. Purchase the Clone Script Package from a Globally Reputed White-Labeling firm like Ondemandclone.  

Trust me, it is economical, fast, and holds the caliber to help you earn easy and quick money!

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