5 Remote Work Tools to Help You Have a Productive Day

Check Out These Remote Work Tools To Improve Your Productivity!

Global Workplace Analytics believes that 25-30 percent of workers will be remote-based by 2021.

If you’ve clicked on this link and you clicked on the link, chances Click Here are that you have made the switch to a remote office or are planning to.

As an owner of your business, it is your responsibility to ensure that your employees are well-equipped with the proper equipment to run a successful day at work.

Also, you want to ensure you have the proper equipment to run your business effectively from your at home.

Our office moved to remote locations in 2020, as did numerous other businesses.

Today, we’re giving you the best remote tools we’ve used as an employee as well as an administrator of a group of employees.

This is to ensure that all the business owners who read this will be able to set themselves up to be successful in an environment that is remote.

When you’re running an enterprise remotely…

“Global Workplace Analytics” estimates that employers can save up to 11,000 dollars per year for each employee.

The savings come due to the lower cost in office buildings, higher productivity, decreased absenteeism, and lower turnover.”

So yay! This is great news for you!

Now, we need to set you up with the right tools to work remotely. This can make your life simpler and your workday more efficient.

5 Remote Work Tools For Businesses & Employees

  • Chat with Teamwork
  • Software for managing projects
  • Zoom
  • Acuity
  • Time Doctor

Tool #1: Teamwork Chat

Teamwork Chat is a site that is exactly as it sounds It’s a web-based application that lets you chat with your colleagues.

Chat with colleagues in a one-on-one chat or you can set up group chats in order to hold a working chat with several people within it.

Also, you can change the names of the chat groups to whatever you think is best for you.

For instance, if, for example, you provide the use of social media as a small-scale business and you’ve got all of your employees within one group to provide this…

…it is logical to change the chat’s name Social Media Team to keep your organization.

Chats are instant and make the user have a relaxed, rapid way of communicating that is a great alternative to short conversations that you normally behave in the office.

They let you chat back and forth with colleagues and work instead of slow, formal email communications.

The teamwork aspect, particularly allows you to send emojis or gifs to help you express your emotions better as you do not face to face.

Furthermore, Teamwork Chat has an application that you can download to your mobile to be in touch with your team traveling.

Other chat apps that are popular for businesses include Slack as well as Bitrix.

Tool #2: Project Management Software

Moving to the next tool in our checklist of remote working tools, we haven’t listed an exact one for this.

This is because the requirements of every company are different, so you’ll need to find software that can meet your requirements.

However, some of the most popular software for managing projects that are available for business include:

  • Teamwork,
  • Asana,
  • Basecamp, and
  • Monday.

In general, the case of project management software can make it easier to complete your daily activities…

…that can be automated to allow your team to have organized and clear communication.

For instance, let’s imagine that you are a new client.

You can design an account for the client and then assign team members to be involved in that specific project.

Then, you can assign specific tasks in the project to each team member with deadlines attached.

This ensures that everyone is aware of the work they’re doing and they’ll be able to check off things as they move along.

Additionally, you can create conditions to ensure that certain work is contingent upon the work of other people being completed first, and so on.

This helps everyone stay connected and allows you to communicate with your team members clear timelines and expectations even if everyone is on the other side of the world.

Tool #3: Zoom

The next item on our checklist of remote working tools is likely to be one with which a large number of users are already familiar.

Zoom lets you video call and shares the screen with your colleagues and/or clients.

As fast and easy as chats can be, there are times when you need to discuss things in person or via screen sharing to help you understand the concepts better, and so on.

If you’re using it with clients, it could be an excellent way to gain trust in the same way as you would with an in-person meeting.

Zoom offers both the option of paid and free plans So you can select one that makes the most sense for your requirements.

As we mentioned earlier there are some who may already have familiarity with this software since it really was a huge success in the early part of 2020!

In addition to paying and free participants, Zoom has 300 million every day meeting participants.

This is an increase of 2900% from the date of December 31 of 2019, when the site had 10 million attendees that were online every day.

What do you think? Have you ever used Zoom previously or not?

Before we get started on the next tool for remote work Be sure to take a look at our latest social media ads course which is available in the present.

We’ll continue the list.

Tool #4: Acuity

The Acuity online application is an appointment booking software. They claimed,

“Say goodbye ” to the phone tag.

Through your custom schedule page, customers can quickly check your availability in real-time and then schedule their own appointment.

You can control your availability 24 hours a day, manage your schedule, and manage your client’s details.”

In addition to booking appointments here are a few of the other amazing features we love about Acuity.

  • You can connect your calendars.

If you typically use Google Calendars, you can join them and it will notify you of an appointment that has been scheduled.

  • You can create automatic text or email reminders.

The process of setting up an automated email marketing system can reduce the need to show for appointments.

  • You can provide more than only appointments.

You can also give away packages, gift certificates memberships, gift certificates, or group classes. You can tailor everything to your branding guidelines.

If you’re interested in branding, read this blog post to learn how to identify your company or discover which are the advantages of branding.

So if your business is dependent on customers scheduling calls with you, we’d strongly recommend that you look into this program.

Tool #5: Time Doctor

The last item on our list of remote tools is time tracking software.

Time Doctor is a time-tracking program that provides confidence that your team is performing…

…and not making use of a home-based environment, and giving employees the ability to record their working hours.

Even if your staff is salaried, keeping track of hours can help them stay out of overtime that isn’t paid.

If your company is one that does pay an extra fee for overtime you can track the number of OT hours they’ve accrued.

The method of operation can be described as “clock in” with a click of a button, and then “clock out” when they’re completed.

While they’re being clocked in, the application will take random screenshots of the user’s display every couple of minutes.

However, it only happens only if the cameras are within.

As a person in charge of the business, this will help you make sure that your team is working hard and not watching Netflix throughout the day.

You can configure notifications to alert you when TD finds the activity of all of your staff.

It could also detect or detect “mouse moving” software https://socialfollowerspro.uk/buy-twitter-followers-uk/ that is installed on the computer of the user.

This may be a bit invasive for some, but the truth is not every person in this Earth can be honest!

It’s a good bet that the dishonest employees should not be those you’re hiring.

This software keeps a check on everyone’s performance just like you do at work.

If you passed by an office cubicle and someone had their feet occupied with Game of Thrones for 8 hours all day…

…you could think of something you could say on it would you not?

The rules are the same regardless of whether you’re working from a remote location. Therefore, Time Doctor helps to keep everyone accountable.

These are our top five remote tools to include in your toolbox!



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