5 Important things to consider while buying the latest gold jewellery designs

5 Important things to consider while buying the latest gold jewellery designs post thumbnail image

Buying gold is a decision that cannot be taken without planning. The yellow metal is expensive and people buy it for some special occasions only. Many of them love to invest in gold and gift the latest gold jewellery designs to their dear ones. This is the most loved metal which is never outdated and worn by all age groups and every gender. To buy the latest gold jewellery designs or traditional gold jewellery, people look for various stores to compare the gold and get the best deal. But despite doing so much research many of them end up in doing some silly mistakes that they regret afterward. Hence, here are some important tips that you must consider before making final payment for your favorite latest or traditional gold jewellery.

  1. Gold Purity Knowledge: It is important to know the purity of gold before buying it. 24karat gold is considered as the 99.9% purest one and mostly, the jewellery is made from 22kt, 18kt, or 14kt gold. It is believed that the purest gold is very soft and jewellery made with it is very delicate and can be broken easily. Hence, some other metals are mixed in to make the piece of jewellery long-lasting. Hence, you must know the amount of gold added to the jewelry and then pay accordingly.
  2. Final Payment: As the metal is mixed with alloys to make it strong by the craftsman, the charges must be varied accordingly. Along with that, many jewelers ask to the making charges and add amounts with their own. You can negotiate for the making charges with them. Hence, it is recommended to buy your latest gold jewellery designs from authentic jewelers.
  3. Metal Color: Gold is available in various colors now. You have the option of rose gold, white gold, yellow gold, and a mixture of the color you chose for your gold ornament designs. These colors are created by mixing yellow gold with other metals. Yellow gold is never outdated but rose and white gold is the latest trend.
  4. Actual Weight: Nowadays diamond-studded jewellery is trending. People love to buy gold mangalsutra with diamond-studded pendants, rings, bangles, and other gold ornament designs with diamonds and other gemstones studded in them. This increases the weight of the jewellery and you may end up paying a high price for the piece of jewellery because of a lack of knowledge. Before making a final payment, you must ask jewelers about the weight of the gold and other material used in it. Many authentic jewelers provide a broken receipt containing all the information about the ornament you bought for them. This receipt is very useful when you resell your jewelry. It becomes easier to identify the actual amount of gold you will get in return when you resell your jewelry.
  5. Hallmark in Jewellery: Bureau of Indian Standards (BIS) has made it easier for the buyers to identify the purity of the gold they are buying by putting a Hallmark sign in every jewel. It is always recommended to buy hallmarked jewellery as it is safe and pure.

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