5 Dos and Don’ts of Vintage Leather Jackets

5 Dos and Don’ts of Vintage Leather Jackets post thumbnail image

A leather jacket is something both men and women can rock and look equally stylish in them. But when we talk about vintage leather jackets there is no one who does better than the Real Leather Garments. Women’s leather jackets are something that we all love and like wearing often, however, when it is to vintage leather jackets, most women do not know how to pair them up or wear them with something they like. Women often end up pairing the vintage leather jackets for women they end up wearing a lousy dress which takes away the essence of their overall look. This is why we believe women should know how and what to wear because you cannot just waste an absolutely a good outfit or a leather jacket by ruining it with someone else.

We all are aware of the fact that leather jackets are available in hundreds of styles and designs, this is one of the reasons why it is the favorite piece of attire for most men and women out there. While there are various new styles of leather jackets, some vintage leather jackets are still the most loved and worn all over the world. As the name suggests the vintage leather jackets are timeless and classic, there is something about them that makes them the first choice of women and men. The vintage jackets have been around for many decades. The jacket was originally developed for crewmen and air force pilots in the 1950s. Whoever you are looking for, there are some things that you should do and should never do with a vintage jacket.

1. Do Go for a Light Color

The vintage leather jackets look the BEST in light colors, even though there are dozens of colors available in this design however when you compare them with the darker color it just does not hit your right. When you choose a lighter color, it just gives off more of a timeless experience which darker colors do not really give. As time passes, the color fades and it makes them look more classic. It is one of the main characteristics of the patina a timeless vintage jacket, it refers to the look of an overall aged leather. We suggest you go for a tan, beige, or light brown shades as they are an excellent choice of colors for a vintage leather jacket.

2. Don’t Go for Faux Leather

Faux leather is good for some time but the texture and overall look of it quickly fades away when it is constantly used. It looks like real leather, so real that no one can tell if it is fake but it wears off pretty soon, therefore we recommend never going for faux leather when buying a vintage leather jacket. The faux leather is not made of animal hide or it is not processed or made in a way that real leather is made. If you find a chemical-like smell, artificial texture, or the jacket making a crunching noise, this is when you should know it is a faux leather jacket and not the actual one.

3. Go for an Antique Zipper

When we talk about zippers there is a huge list of kinds of zippers that you can use on your jacket and without any doubt, it is one of the most neglected parts of the whole jacket. When you are buying a leather jacket make sure you are inspecting its zipper just the right way, you would find them on the front just like all the regular jackets. Back in the time, people used to wear leather jackets to protect themselves from cold and not for fashion purposes. Now that the times have changed people wear leather jackets for both warmth and fashion. Zippers are still found on the front side but the way they are made is very different. When you get an antique zipper, it shows the jacket is genuine and real.

4. Do not Go for Second Hand

In order to save some bucks, people often end up buying a second-hand jacket, a second-hand jacket may be good for starters but in the long run, they wear off pretty fast. When you buy a second-hand jacket you do not really know what to expect from it? IF you get lucky you will have something classy and your money will be worth it. On the other hand, someone can truly scam you as well by selling off their worn-out and damaged second-hand jacket. Therefore, it is better to spend money once and for all on the new and real leather jacket. If taken care of well, they will last you a lifetime.

5. Do Check Out the Grain

One of the many mistakes that both men and women make while buying a vintage jacket is they do not check or inspect the grain rightfully. All the real leather jackets are made of grain, it is a different kind of pattern on the real leather surface. It can be both narrow and fine or wide and thick. When you go for high-quality leather, expect a fine grain. On the other hand, the pattern of the whole jacket should also be closely knit, if you come across a wide grain jacket, we recommend you do not buy it as it is not of good quality and does not last much longer. Therefore, go for the fine-grain leather jacket.

Balance between fashion and functionality

Not all leather jackets are the same, and that’s okay: some are too thin and not suitable for cold weather, others have a fur collar and are not suitable for spring and summer, and still others are cowboy-style fringed and definitely won’t pass for a classic that you can wear every day.

The moral is that you clearly know what you need a leather jacket for and what it should be, so that you can use it at 100%. Perhaps you need something fashionable and original, or maybe something warm or, on the contrary, light. Having clearly stated your wishes, you can find exactly what you need.

Quality equals price

In the case of leather jackets, the formula “the higher the quality, the higher the price” is absolutely true. More expensive jackets will be much stronger and more durable than their cheaper alternatives and look a lot better. Like a solid classic bag, leather does not go out of fashion and will be relevant for many years. Therefore, it would be quite logical to spare no expense and invest in the quality leather jacket of your dreams – trust me, it will pay for itself over the years.

Don’t be afraid to choose a jacket color other than black or brown.

Of course, the black leather jacket is considered an absolute classic. Brown also do not lose popularity. However, why not try a less traditional color. Leather jackets in pastel colors (pink, blue), as well as bright red and yellow are very popular now. It’s so fresh and stylish!

Additional benefits in modern leather motorcycle jackets

A motorcycle leather jacket is not just a fashion item, moreover, the main purpose is to protect the motorcyclist while riding. Therefore, in addition to the quality of workmanship and material, protection and comfortable fit, you should pay attention to the presence of reflective elements for passive safety. If there are none, use a vest or other reflective accessories.

Also, it is possible and necessary, if required, in cold weather to supplement the jacket with a warm vest and lining, including options with electric heating on batteries.

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