5 Digital Marketing Trends That You Must Take Advantage of in 2022

5 Digital Marketing Trends That You Must Take Advantage of in 2022 post thumbnail image

The start of 2021 saw a continuous rise in the popularity of TikTok. It has taken over other means of marketing and communication, recognized as the leading social media channel among generation Z. Moreover, Facebook changed its name to ‘Meta’ with the aim of walking towards a 3-D virtual world, metaverse. All in all, some dramatic changes occurred in 2021, which made new and exciting developments in digital marketing.  

Digital marketing strategies continue to change and evolve. Among those, Dubai SEO trends are driving the most attraction. Collectively, they are impacting the way brands communicate with customers. To help you digest the information and navigate the year ahead, we have broken down some of the most popular digital marketing trends below:

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1.      Short, DIY Videos Are Shifting the Landscape!

After the advent of TikTok, a shift in the landscape has been experienced where the main focus is not on playful stories and themed photo grids. Short-form videos have captured the minds of the audience. Gen Z showed off their crazy dance moves and created new challenges.

The rapid popularity didn’t go unattended. Other platforms jumped on the bandwagon and introduced features to support short-form videos. For instance, YouTube entered the race with ‘Shorts’, and Instagram introduced ‘Reels’.

It features the fast manner in which customers consume the content. Also, it highlights the need for simple messages or creative content that demands participation.

2.      Time to Tell A Story

Storytelling is a key component when it comes to strategizing brand marketing. Nowadays, customers are tired and bored of the brand and how you are marketing your products and services in a competitive market. They are looking for something to which they can relate. In reality, they want to know how you delivered your promises. Hence, brands have the opportunity to take the narrative into their hands and inspire others.

For instance, Nike allows the brand influencers to tell a story for them. Nike Athletes are known for LeBron James and Michael Jordan are famous not only for their performance in the field court but also for their hard work and determination. The company’s message is quite promising and apparent in its advertisements.

3.      Privacy is Challenging the Advertisement

Digital challenges are suffering from an overload of advertisements. It is making customers suspicious of the content and tired of saturation. Advertisements in the current digital landscape are dependent on the data that is automatically optimized. Therefore, new privacy restrictions are in action.

For instance, Google announced that it is reducing third-party cookies by 2023. Therefore, digital marketers should prepare themselves for tighter privacy restrictions that will impact the way they track customers’ behaviors in 2022.

However, it is not the end of target marketing or data-driven marketing. Marketers should see it as an opportunity to build trust and transparency between the company and customers. It would help if you communicate with customers regarding the data you are collecting and for what reasons. Refrain yourself from collecting data that is not needed.

4.      Personalize New Arrivals Your Customers May Like

Personalization is going to play an important role in 2022. Stop your instincts from creating content that provides a wide net in hopes of appealing to as many customers as possible. Instead, focus on creating personalized advertising content that caters to your audience. It will help in generating more fruitful leads.

Make sure that your customers receive the adverts at the right place and time. It involves taking the time to understand which platforms your customers use and how they use them. As a result, you will create customized messages depending on the demographics. To be more precise, it is not about tailoring your message according to each social media platform. It is about forcing on the difference of location and cultural association.

5.      NFTs and Crypto in Social Media E-commerce are Soaring

Even if you are not investing in crypto yet. However, it is impossible to remain indifferent to the rise of NFTs and crypto over the years. It might sound irrelevant to digital marketing but let’s ignore passive thinking.

Social media platforms like Twitter are working on the introduction of cryptocurrency as a method of payment and developing features to showcase in-app NFTs purchases. It highlights the need for you and your brand to jump on the bandwagon. Moreover, Facebook is already promoting NFTs display tools and avatars. Hence, make your digital marketing agency change its strategies.

To sum up, from AI to NFTs, tech is taking over the world. Therefore, change the strategy immediately!

6 Marketing Campaign Mistakes to Avoid in 2022

Humans make mistakes all the time. And like any other aspect of life, social media and marketing hacks are in no way behind it. While every single effort is being routed toward improving the ranking and customer viewership, there are just so many ways that a digital marketing agency utilizes to make the best out of anything. While some of them pay off, others can take a great toll on how the rankings are. Nevertheless, these are just some of the numerous mistakes that they make unconsciously and should elsewise be eliminated for the betterment of the business.

While you might be wondering if you have also committed any of the common mistakes while trying to figure out a way to eliminate them, let us help you with that. Below mentioned are some of the most common examples committed by marketers. If you are also amongst them, try to eliminate them immediately and see the magical results.

1.  Disconnection

It is commonly the case that when trying to effectively promote the product or the service, brands accidentally break the connection between the brand mantra and the product itself. This can cause great trouble and make it difficult to identify the connection. With a disconnected route, the customers and the viewers can be left wondering about what exactly is the campaign’s motive and end up making Sherlock decide the meaning.

As a result, one can lose potential customers and loyalty. Therefore, with a list of people, one can ensure a connection remains intact, and all the customers can convert down the sales funnel.

2.  Disregarding A/B Testing

Testing is the most important aspect of any marketing plan. From saving the campaigns to increasing their effectiveness, they can dismantle the worst possible outcomes. Regardless, of the importance attached to these testing mechanisms, agencies tend to skip out the testing procedure. Doing so ensures the death of a weak campaign.

However, with the inclusion of A/B testing, the campaign manager can see the effectiveness of A and B campaigns. Based on the results, they can make the right pick with promising effectiveness. Moreover, if there is a chance that the campaign is not able to perform adequately, one can switch to the other campaign without halting the entire procedure. Thereby, the possible reduced effects can simultaneously be improved before it officially ends, and making the most out of time, budget, and energy invested in the entire time length.

3.  Pick the Wrong Audience

Any successful marketer will tell you that the right audience can make or break the campaign. The campaigns are carefully designed to carry a certain message across and make the most out of it. However, with the wrong audience, this communication channel will disrupt and they will fail to connect, let alone convert them to the sales funnel.

Therefore, instead of wasting the time in front of the wrong audience, and incurring expenses that will never translate into investments, make sure to make the right move. And it begins with understanding, analyzing, and interpreting the right audience that answers your campaign in favorable terms.

4.  Look Out for the Trends and Fads

Trends and fads do not last forever, instead, they come and go. However, marketers should look for the ones they can connect and resonate their brand with. From visual aspects, all the trends and fads seem to be quite interesting, but not all of them are meant to be utilized. In that, make sure to choose the right ones only. All others should be ignored; else they can jeopardize the brand’s media standing.

5.      Overlooking Quality

It is easy to get overwhelmed with the huge amounts of content required to keep the game strong. Yet, may lose the quality of the content in the process, which should never be done in any way. Doing so will give you just a quantity that will suffice in the short-term only. In reality, it will reduce the ads, articles, posts, and email impact.

Keeping up with quality content will require hassle, time, and energy, far more than the one required for the content. Yet, it promisingly pays off, ensuring sustainable benefits and increased ROI, just the way the SEO agency had anticipated.

6.      Ignoring the Social Media Handles

Social media is a powerful phenomenon and should never be ignored at any cost. They can outreach far more than the brick and mortar stores and expand themselves in a global region. This power can only be utilized if businesses heavily and adequately invest in social media. Doing so will help increase the visibility and awareness about your brand which means more traffic flowing in!

Therefore, make sure that you do not commit the aforementioned mistakes. Instead of improving the outreach, it will only work to reduce or dismantle your campaign. So make sure to work on eliminating these loopholes and work your way towards achieving business success.

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