4 Secrets that GATE Toppers Don’t Reveal


4 Secrets that GATE Toppers Don’t Reveal

The GATE examination is considered one of the premier exams in India. The concern of deciding how to prepare yourself decisively looms in the minds of all aspirants.


The shocking truth about the GATE exam is, even though you study the most, you might not always get the expected marks. Though hard work is necessary, but it is not sufficient, you have to work smart as well.


The only question that spins around the minds of aspirants is how to be the top scorer or to get the maximum marks in the examination. In this article, we are going to reveal the top 4 secrets that GATE toppers won’t tell.


To begin with, you must stop discriminating against top performers. A top performer is not someone born with those talents, they work on themselves sufficiently to evolve their minds.


It is not as if these four secrets below are shared within a toppers’ community. These are a few simple things, if you pay attention to them, you will find them too.


Have you ever observed a topper at your GATE coaching institute? They are the one’s chuckling with you. Have you ever been curious about: How do they differentiate themselves from the competition and stand out from the crowd?


The top performers are the ones who do extremely well in their academic careers from the start. Have a look at their 10th, 12th, and engineering grades and they will continue to shine even further. What do you think the reason is?


From the third person’s frame of mind (you), students don’t realize how toppers perform differently. Even a top student isn’t quite sure what he’s doing differently if you ask him.


The foremost reason is their subconscious mind. Right from the beginning, toppers have subconsciously programmed their minds enough to work hard. So can you do, scan the following tips: 


1.   Secret #01: Improved Efficiency

Have you ever strived to be the top student in yourGATE coaching centre in Bangalore? Despite putting in day and night, you find out that the topper outperformed you? It seems to happen a lot, doesn’t it?


What makes it possible? A topper studies for 2 hours and outranks other peers? What is it all about? It’s about efficiency. When a top student studies, he simply does that, or in simple terms, he has a higher concentration and decodes the information so fast.  


2.   Secret #02: Calmness of Mind

Do you recall watching a topper’s mentality or his attitude of calmness? People, in general, miscalculate calmness as weakness, but it is not.

A calm mind is a superhuman power.


A calm mind decrypts the information so comfortably and effortlessly. the mind becomes so attentive and you feel a sense of control over the outside world.


To make sure you’ll learn all the concepts quickly, quiet your mind before you study to get a clean slate. For this, you can get your creativity flowing again by meditating every day for about 10-15 minutes.


3.   Secret #03: Toppers Don’t Study Too Much

Toppers don’t study too much, do they? Is it something that toppers hide? Toppers are supposed to study tremendously, aren’t they? Not really, they don’t keep studying around the clock.


If you take a look at the schedule of a topper, they educate themselves for not more than 10 hours a day. There is no topper who studies 18 hours a day. As a matter of fact, the mind loses 50% of its productivity after a certain period of time. It’s not important to study for a long period of time, it’s important to study with precision.


Another reason for this is their grasp of the fundamental concepts. Due to their high scores at the beginning, toppers have a crystal clear understanding of fundamental concepts, so they don’t face any trouble understanding advanced-level conceptualization.


4.   Secret #04: Develop a self-strategy

There are toppers all around the world who have their own art of planning things. If you survey, there are tons of strategies to pick from, but the question is which one will suit you?


Instead of wasting time to clone another toppers’ strategy, why don’t you create your own? Everyone has a discrete level of acknowledging syllabus and a non-identical degree of understanding something. In short, your brain muscles are trained in different ways than others.


Embrace your weak areas and enhance them stronger by developing a self-strategy.


Nevertheless, don’t compare yourself to your peers in GATE coaching classes.  At the end of the day, a topper is not extraordinary, and neither are you ordinary. It is just a connection between self-discipline and confidence which makes a hit show. Wishing you luck!


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