3 Steps to Start Your Freelance Business


Since the pandemic, many people started looking for ways that were other than their full-time job. Among many different ways, freelancing was one of them. But before you start working as a freelancer, you must learn some of the basics of freelancing.

It will not be an issue for people who did jobs and have any skill. The only problem is for people who have no talent and are just looking to start freelancing.

So, before you start working as a freelancer, you must get complete knowledge of freelancing.

What is freelancing?

Freelancing is a method of earning money for people who want to work remotely. It is essential to understand that you give yourself more exposure and space for more productivity when you work remotely.

There are a lot of marketplaces where freelancers can work. You need to identify them to be more productive and earn a good outcome. It does not matter if you work for foreign clients or local clients. Once you work from home, it will be considered freelancing.

How to start freelancing?

To get started with freelancing, it is crucial to know that it does not require any degree to work as a freelancer. A good skill set is enough to earn you some money or sometimes even more money than your full-time job.

To get started with freelancing, you must have a skill. You will be selling that skill to foreign clients and will be paid for that.

So, let’s get started.

1.       1. Learn a Skill

You must be a master of any one or more than one skill before you get started as a freelancer. You need to identify where you want to go. It ultimately depends on your mind and your interest. However, only identifying your mind is not enough. It would help if you did the proper research and market analysis to be more successful as far as freelancing is concerned.

It depends, how you do your research. There are multiple blogs and YouTube videos available that talk about the top skills for freelancing in 2021. You need to go through all of them and match your interest to come up with the best one.

Once you have decided, the next thing you should do is to master that skill. Online courses and training help in this regard. However, the time required to master a particular skill entirely depends on the person looking to master it.

As mentioned above, learning a skill is only for beginners. People who are already doing jobs or willing to leave already have a proper skill set that will help. The only thing these people must learn is communication.

Communication is vital if you want to win more jobs. If you fail to communicate, you will be landing a smaller number of jobs than others who communicate well.

2.      2. Create A Profile

The next thing after learning the skill is creating a profile on platforms you want to work. There are multiple platforms available to work, but only a few of them are worth a try. The one you choose should have the maximum number of buyers and should pay the maximum amount.

There are different methods of creating a profile on freelance marketplaces. You need to understand two different types of freelance marketplaces before you get started as a freelancer. One is a traditional marketplace, and the other one is a non-traditional marketplace.

A traditional marketplace needs a person to bid for jobs. However, a non-traditional market requires the creation of a gig. Both marketplaces have their different methodology for the creation of a profile. The traditional freelance market requires a lot more verification as compared to the non-traditional market.

Once you have decided where you want to work, the next thing you need to do is creating a profile. There is no hard and fast rule of creating a profile. You need to follow all the pre-requisites of the website, and you will be able to create a profile.

3.      3. Start Biding

Almost all the freelance marketplaces that are operating in the world right now are traditional ones. It is essential to learn the art of biding to land more jobs. If you fail in this art, you will not win more jobs and fail as a freelancer.

Freelancing gurus teach different methods for winning proposals. Your proposal must solve the client’s problem. If it does so, you increase your chances of getting hired. The better the bid, the more options you get of winning a job.

Here is a straightforward technique of sending a winning proposal.

a.      a. Write an eye-catching first line. An eye-catching line is the one that targets the pain point of the buyer.

b.       b. A small intro about yourself will be a great thing at this point.

c.       c. Sharing your portfolio

d.       d. Closing up

A proposal that is too long won’t help either. It would be best if you keep it short and straightforward. The more precise it is, the better it is.

     4. Working & Earning

Once you start wining jobs, you need to work and deliver better results. You need to work well and never hesitate to work the extra mile to provide quality to clients. More jobs mean more reviews on your profile, which will help you build trust with your upcoming clients.

You will be receiving payments for your quality work. This will boost up your confidence and help you grow more in the future.


Freelancing is a great thing if you do it with good intentions and are willing to provide quality to your clients. Once you start wining jobs regularly, you will be earning more. This will not only maintain your cash flow but also increase your level as a freelancer. When your level increases, you will be better as a freelancer and will be able to work with higher-paid clients.

So, this is how you will earn more and eventually outsource your work for more growth.


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