3 Best Websites to Make Money Online as a Freelancer


3 Best Websites to Make Money Online as a Freelancer

Freelancing is one of the best ways to make money online in 2021. There are hundreds of skills that sell well on different freelance websites. But still, to earn well as a freelancer you need to go for some of the in-demand skills.

Not just that, freelance market places also play a vital role in your success. The better the marketplace is the more chances there will be of your success.

Now, you might be wondering how to choose the right marketplace to sell my services…

There are certain ways by which you can choose a marketplace, the number of freelancers working, and the number of projects posted decide the value of that particular marketplace.

Let us discuss some of the types of market places…
Traditional Freelance Market Place
Non-traditional Freelance Market Place

Traditional Freelance Market Place

Like many job posting websites operate, a traditional freelance marketplace operates the same way! The employer who is looking for help regarding the project posts the job with some requirements, and his budget. Freelancers who are interested in working on the project, bid on that with their price range, and some of the services they are offering.

In the end, the freelancer whose bid is more effective wins the project. So, effective bidding is the major source of wining jobs in these freelance market places.

Non-Traditional Market Places

The non-traditional freelance marketplace works on a completely different formula. Here, the seller (freelancer) creates a gig, offering his services, and rates.

The buyer who is looking for the related service searches for that particular keyword, and he hires the freelancer whose gig he likes the most.

So, the gig that appears at the top is more likely to win, as it gets more of the traffic. Here creating a top-ranked gig is the major reason for your success.

Now that you have learned about both types of market places, you might have made your mind on which type of marketplace you want to start making money online.

Let’s discuss both of them in detail…

3 Websites to Start Earning as a Freelancer

Now that you have learned about both types of market places, you might have made your mind on which type of marketplace you want to start making money online.

Let’s discuss both of them in detail…


Upwork is a top-notch freelance website that can easily earn you money online; maybe a million-dollar if you are a pro in your skill. It lies under the category of traditional freelance market places and is preferred by some of the best companies in the world.

One of the greatest things about Upwork is that it always looks with an equal eye to both its buyers & sellers. It is never tilted towards the buyers!

The rates that clients provide on Upwork are high because they know there are professionals on the platform who are ready to provide their services. For a beginner, it is quite difficult to get your profile approved, but if you are a master in your respective field, you will be approved.

The website mainly works on the criteria of connects, and freelancers who are looking to bid should have the required amount of connections.

Upwork provides 10 connects monthly. However, if you are a Plus member, you will get 70 connects monthly with other benefits as well. But there is no point in being a plus member at the start, you should look to win jobs as a beginner with a free membership.

If you are highly skilled you are likely to win a job within a month.


The next on the list is Freelancer which is also part of the traditional market places. It also works on the phenomenon of job posted, and the quality of bid a freelancer post. The major factor of winning a job here is also effective bidding.

As a free member on Freelancer, you get 10 bids per month, while there are other packages as well. It is preferred to use a Plus membership because it provides 100 bids per month with a lot of skills. The number of skills on your profile decides on how many jobs you can bid on.

One unique thing about Freelancer is a contest, any freelancer can enter the contest if he feels himself a suitable match for that.

“A contest on Freelancer is similar to any other contest in the world, which works on the winning price, and the best one wins it”

The employer who is looking for his work to be done posts a project as a contest, and he decides the winner as well. The winner gets the winning amount for that contest, all the other in vain.


Fiverr is a part of a non-traditional marketplace. It works on the phenomenon of gig creation, and the payment method is also different from traditional market places. The payment is made while the project is started, and it stays in the escrow till the project is completed.

An escrow is a third party (here Fiverr) who holds the payment until the order is completed.

Fiverr is the easiest website for beginners, and also it provides the cheapest service…

The name; “Fiverr” came from the word five, which means the origin of creating the website was to offer its buyers 5$ services.

Ending Note

So, if you are a beginner to online earning you can easily make money online as a freelancer. The non-traditional marketplace should be your first priority as there are more chances of quick success there. You can also try professional freelance market places, but to polish your skills you have to still work on Fiverr.

However, if you are a master at your skill, you should look to earn, and earn a lot! So, you should prefer professional places where buyers are willing to hire professionals and pay them a good amount.

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