3 Awesome Google Chrome Extensions to optimize your Blogging skill

Awesome Extensions for Google Chrome

Blogging is very difficult.

Writing a post is just the beginning. In addition to this, you must optimize your posts for search engines, take care of graphics, engage with readers, do guest posting, start Building an Email List, become Proactive on social media, build links to boost your rankings, etc. in order to become a successful blogger.

You will need a lot of time to do all this stuff.

Thankfully, there are some Awesome Extensions for Google Chrome that will make these repetitive and time-consuming tasks faster and easy.

As you all know that Google Chrome is the most popular browser. I think that reason behind Chrome’s popularity is its wide range of extensions which let us perform various tasks with ease.

There are thousands of extensions in the chrome store. But in this post, I will present some Awesome Extensions for Google Chrome to optimize your Blogging skill.

1. Pocket

Have you ever experienced that you were reading a very interesting article and suddenly you got to do some urgent work, and due to that you lost that article? This had happened to me a lot of times.

I used to read a lot of articles but don’t remember it after reading.

But when I got to know about Pocket, my productivity and efficiency increased to a great extent.

When I find an awesome article on the web and do not have time to read it, then I save it to Pocket. And use all saved articles for brainstorming to write a new blog post.

Pocket is a free and one of the awesome Extensions for Google Chrome that was founded in 2007 and undoubtedly it is one of the most popular Chrome Extensions as it has more than 30 million registered users.

Once you save an article or a video or a tweet to Pocket, you can read it on any device like smartphone, tablet or computer as it automatically syncs with your device.

One of the best feature of Pocket is it lets you read saved article offline.

You can also see other articles recommended by Pocket or persons whom you follow on Pocket based on the topic you have saved .

Most visitors find an article with grammatical mistakes and spelling mistakes unforgivable. They just hit the Back button seeing typos.

Making a grammatical mistake on your blog will result in losing credibility.

Everyone tends to make grammatical mistakes while writing no matter how fluent he/she is in English.

In this situation, Grammarly comes to the rescue. Grammarly keeps an eye on spellings and grammar when you write anything on sites like WordPress editor, Facebook, Gmail and other email sites, Quora, Google Docs, etc.

Grammarly checks every aspect of your writing by automatically scanning the text.

When you make any mistake, it will highlight the word with a red underline. After hovering on it, Grammarly will show you possible corrections.

You can see the demo below.

When I wrote Googl instead of Google, Grammarly highlighted the term “Google” with a red underline, when I hovered on it, it showed me the corrected word “Google”.

The bonus feature is that When you see unknown words while browsing on the internet, you can double click on that word to know meaning of that word.

According to my opinion, Grammarly is one of the awesome Extensions for Google Chrome.

3. Moz Bar

MozBar is a free SEO tool from Moz which helps you to find domain authority and page authority of any website.

There are a couple of things that MozBar shows you that are really useful:

  • Domain Authority and Page Authority
  • Link-type (Followed, No-followed, Internal, and External)

Checking Domain Authority and Page Authority are useful when you’re analyzing other blogs.

MozBar, a product of Moz, is one of the awesome Extensions for Google Chrome that displays important SEO metrics like Page Authority and Domain Authority.

Once installed, the MozBar will appear on top of any page you’re visiting. By default, it will show the Domain Authority and Page Authority on a scale of 1-100. Also, the spam score of the domain is shown.