20 Unique Places You must Visit Do in Goa

Goa has a different atmosphere! It is a beach getaway that is a must for all, mainly some activities such as beach hopping, sitting in shacks, and drinking at Tito’s with the occasional sip of Feni. But that’s not enough to satisfy you If you were a real traveller. Beyond the beaches or the famous party scene, Goa tourism offers so many activities to enjoy here.

There is plenty of things to offer everyone, including children and adults, nature lovers, adventure enthusiasts and foodies, architecture enthusiasts, religion, culture, heritage, and more. Anyone who is looking to book a Goa tour and needs to relax and enjoy some time away from the hustle and bustle of life can enjoy extravagant resorts such as Taj Exotica Resort and Spa Goa, Taj Holiday Village Resort and Spa, Novotel Goa Resorts, and Spa, and others. It is also possible to find certain hotels in the secluded area that offer refreshing surroundings away from the bustling areas.

1. Dolphin Tour:

Diverse boat owners offer tours to watch dolphins on several of Goa’s beaches. Go on a fishing boat cruise and observe the dolphins feeding early in the morning, as it’s delightful to view these majestic creatures in their natural environment. The ideal time to keep wild animals is from October to May. In addition, there are numerous experienced Dolphin watching companies who will lower your cost if they do not find you in the wild. The excursions are available in Palolem beach in southern Goa up to Vagator in North Goa; however, the most famous seashores used in Dolphin excursions include Candolim seashore Calangute seashore Palolem seashore Agonda seashore Miramar seashore Aguada bay, Dona Paula Seashore as well as Grande Island.

2. Visit a spice plantation:

Explore the aroma of spices and discover how they grow in the spice plantations in Goa. Explore exotic spices that are the first exports to India. Check out cardamom PeriPeri, one of the most popular chillies on the planet, and much more. Maybe you’ll observe a variety of tropical birds. A garden of spices is the delight of an artist. Ride an elephant or spray them with mud, or give them water. Before leaving, have the traditional Goan meal that is cooked using spices from the farm.

3. Butterfly Conservatory:

Visit the Butterfly Conservatory on your way back from the lush spice plantations in Goa to see the top and most exciting fluttering that you could do when in Goa. Not only can you stand in the air and watch, but there is also the option of feeding the beautiful creatures with tasty fruit and watching them collect nectar with joy.

4. Bird Watching:

If you’re looking for a diversity of birds, this state is fantastic; if you’re an avid birder and want to explore the very best of the forest, and the coastline of Goa, Stay in the camp of the backwoods. You can also pick one of the packages Canopy Goa has to sell.

5. Take a bike ride:

Goa is famous for its rental of bikes, biking and camping, and having a party. You can also rent one of the cars for a day instead of the bike. Explore the available biking tours. It’s one of your most memorable experiences in Goa. It is always fun to cycle, and it is enjoyable to ride along the beaches of Goa and the countryside of the city with a bicycle. A few tours start from Miramar beach, an excellent place to hire a bike and explore the area.

6. Ink tattoos:

A tattoo, a lasting memory of your vacation in this sand- and surf paradise, is the best souvenir you will take home from Goa. Goa is home to a variety of tattoo parlours in which you can draw fascinating designs onto your body. It is possible to get a temporary tattoo when you’re not confident enough to go for one but are still interested in one.

7. Watch a Tiatr:

Tiatr is a play or drama played by the Konkani filled with dance, music, political satire, and humour. This ancient form of art is famous for its energy and captivating stories. This classic Goan experience, which is a form of musical theatre, is one you shouldn’t miss out on during your Goan journey.

8. Sit back and relax:

There’s no doubt it, Goa can be described as a place for having fun on the beach. However, here we are talking about Palolem being a truly unique beach band. Yes, it’s filled with the glamour, glitz, and excitement that a regular party could bring. The only different thing is the fact that you’re dancing to the beats of the headphones. This is the reason it’s called an era of silence!

9. Dudhsagar Trek & Camping:

Dudhsagar is India’s fifth largest waterfall. It is located near the border of Goa-Karnataka, situated between the two railway stations Collem and Castle Rock. It is a tranquil, charming, beautiful, and beautiful area. What makes it distinctive is the bridge along the railway line that runs past, giving a spectacular view of two different stages.

10. Shop at Anjuna Flea Market:

The primary market during the day is made up of Kashmiri, Gujarati, and Tibetan shops that sell clothing and accessories and various food establishments. The market is scattered throughout the coast on Wednesdays and offers nearly everything.

11. Witness Turtle Nesting:

Sea turtles of all kinds reside in this state. The secluded beaches of this tourist destination are the ideal spots to view the endangered Olive Ridley turtles. Like Morjim’s untouched and tranquil beaches, some beaches can be used as these nests for aquatic creatures. In the tortoise breeding period from September through March, people are trying to protect sea turtles, their eggs, and the young ones.

12. Relax and unwind with a Therapeutic Massage:

A trip to Goa is a time to relax and refresh. In Goa, there are a lot of spas and salons that offer massages and holistic healing. This is why it’s suggested to take on the most beneficial activity, which is to let go of all of your worries and relax by rubbing your back within the wellness-spa.

13. Visit the Naval Aviation Museum:

Make a trip to the South Goa Naval Aviation Museum to better understand the world of marine aviation. You will also be able to experience some of the significant objects in plain sight and watch short films in the less than ideal auditorium part of the exhibition hall.

14. Safari in the Jungle at the Mollen National Park:

Go to the Mollen National Park stands out as a green oasis from the sand and dry beaches. The best way to discover the garden is to travel in a jeep open for an excursion in the wild. It is possible to spot many warm-blooded creatures, reptiles or feathered animals, and butterflies, like the Bengal tiger, sambar, the panther and spotted deer, and many more.

15. Enjoy Hot Air Ballooning:

If you’re seeking an odd and intimate connection with Goa, then make your next visit to find the hot air swells. Chandor is a south Goa village that allows you to have a great time. The first person to go is the pilot in the hot-air balloon’s basket with wicker. These balloon flights can accommodate up to 10 passengers, but they can also be booked for a private getaway with their individual.

16. Have fun rafting on white water:

Goa isn’t the first thing that comes to mind when talking about river rafting. However, one might find anything in your Goa trip package. White water rafting is a sport that can be enjoyed on the Mhadei River in Goa. This thrilling water sport is available to experience when the river is in full flow in June and September. The stretch of the river that runs for 6 kilometres is full of rapids.

17. Discover the Goan Heritage:

The house is also a residence with excellent heritage structures and beaches that aid the Portuguese ruler remember Goa. Mansions, villas, and the style of heritage homes of architecture mix Indian and Portuguese styles. The stay you have here is the experience of staying in one of the mansions that are heritage. These mansions are an essential part of old Goa.

18. Visit the Caves:

Many people are unaware that the beautiful caves of Goa are of immense historical and natural significance. They are one more romantic spot in Goa. Many of them are caves that humans have constructed. The Arvalem Caves, The Lamgau Caves, and the Rivona Caves are just a few of the most significant Goan caves that you should be looking for.

19. Hack up:

When one decides to go away from the luxury of hotels and go to any local shacks on the shore, the Goa cultural image will be fully appreciated. While there, grab an afternoon seat in a beach shack, and watch the world go by pathetically as you sip your drink and eat the most refined foods. Simon’s Place Beach House, blue corner, and Zanzibar can be just a few places that are fun to take a seat in.

20. Explore the Portuguese Latin Quarter:

Panjim is a blend of different cultures. Its influence on Portuguese culture is evident in the capital city, especially in its Fontainhas region. It’s a UNESCO World Heritage Zone, and it’s an area full of restaurants, hotels, galleries, and other notable buildings. At present, if you’re planning to visit Goa, exploring that Latin Quarter should be at the top of your list of things to do in Goa.