13 Great Blog Post Ideas that will help you become a Digital Marketing Professional

13 Great Blog Post Ideas that will help you become a Digital Marketing Professional post thumbnail image

The core of marketing via digital is the need for content. When people conduct research, they look for relevant content via the Internet. They seek out how-to guides cases studies, how-to guides, and other sources that will help them solve their issues, Buy Instagram Follower Malaysia motivate them, or guide them to directions that are right for them. Making content that is helpful and free of charge will make you more attractive to your customers and position you and your company as an authority in your field.

Post to the list

A list post is just its name it is an outline. Some people use the term”listicle. “listicle.” A list post is among the easiest to make and it can be extremely flexible. In addition, people simply love listsThey’re useful and easy to read. To create a blog, you can make your own list of tools, books resources, tools, and any other information that your audience finds valuable and also pertinent to the call to action you’re making.

Usually, list posts include brief introductions and then move straight into the content of the article. Because of their nature, list posts are a lot of text and can be a bit intimidating for readers. Make sure you use images as often as you can. This helps to break the text and makes your article easier for readers to comprehend and more likely to share.

Case study post

The word “case study “ is more valuable than a blog post, article, or video. Case studies provide excellent detail and go above simple testimonials, by presenting real-life scenarios. By using case studies, you are able to showcase your accomplishments and help turn a potential client into a client.

For the study blog post be specific and discuss your strategy. Write down and break down the details of something, like an event, project, or procedure. Write your story from beginning to end, including errors as well as “speed bumps” that you have to overcome. This gives an authentic case study and will make your brand more relatable since it shows that your company is comprised of human beings with flaws as all of us. Be sure to include actual graphs, numbers, and graphs that provide evidence for your claims. Here’s a case study by ConversionXL.

How-to post

The How-to article is another popular blog post kind of post. In this article, you explain how you can carry out a procedure using images, videos, or audio to add value to the content in order to make it simple as it is for the readers to take action.

The type of article you write about will have an introduction that is brief and goes into the procedure that you’re going to present. You could describe your method in the introduction in the format of bulleted listing prior to getting into greater detail inside the content of the article. It may be helpful to break down the instructions in the body of your piece into phases, steps, or categories so that your readers are able to absorb the content more quickly.

Frequently asked questions (FAQ) Post

The FAQ page is an excellent way to draw traffic to your website via search engines. If you continue to receive repeated questions from your customers or potential customers there’s a good possibility that they use search engines to locate the answer to these questions. Write articles that provide detailed descriptions of these FAQ subjects.

The should-have-asked-the-question (SAQ) post

This SAQ posting is a variant that is a variation of an FAQ post. This is a query that prospects or customers don’t usually have to ask, but ought to. For instance, a real estate firm could write an article titled “Questions You Should Ask Before Hiring Any Realtor.” The SAQ should revolve around questions that buyers should inquire about prior to purchasing your product or ask questions they could ask to know more about your business.

Checklist post

Like the title suggests that a checklist article lists the steps one should do to accomplish a certain task. For instance, an airline’s website could provide a checklist with things to take with them on trips overseas, or the things parents need to bring with them to keep their children entertained during long journeys.

If you break down your content into the form of a checklist, it usually does better. The checklist format is popular because it’s easy to read and take action much easier when you categorize your content this way.

Problem or solution post

This kind of blog post follows a simple structure: First, identify an issue; then, present the solution. The solution could be in the form of an item or service you offer or something that the public can easily get. Problem/solution posts are an important piece of content since people are always seeking solutions to their problems. If you are able to provide the real solution to someone else, they’ll be thankful to you.

The post on a problem or solution can transcend into the realm of blog posts of other types, like the FAQ post as well as the how-to blog post or even the checklist post.

Research post

Conducting your own research on a subject in your field is among the best methods to develop blog posts that attract attention. It’s because research that is primary is difficult to conduct and can be extremely time-consuming. Gathering all the research data for someone else and offering it all for free in one location is an excellent way to make your brand more appealing to potential customers and make your brand an authority in a particular area.

However that you don’t need to conduct all of the research on your own. You can curate information from third-party sources and then put it into an article, infographic, or any other kind of content that people who are in your market will find interesting and valuable.

Stat roundup post

This article (like the research blog) is most effective using statistics that you’ve produced since it increases your authority. This doesn’t mean that you cannot make use of third-party data, but in the event that you want to create credibility and awareness around your business by using your own data, then using your own is the best option. However, you shouldn’t overlook other sources altogether. You could consider combining stats from different sources to make an excellent and well-rounded statistics page.

Ultimate guidepost

The ultimate guidepost is exactly what it sounds like: a comprehensive and comprehensive article about a subject in your field of expertise. An ultimate guidepost that is done correctly is one that readers will save and return to repeatedly Don’t cut corners here make sure you take your time and write the most comprehensive article on the subject Click Here. This kind of article helps in bringing visitors back to your website and establishing your site as an expert in your industry and showing that you are knowledgeable about the subject matter you’re discussing.

The concept behind this final guideline is to ensure that the person reading it will not need to look any for more information about this subject. This article will be lengthy, with thousands of words, along with numerous illustrations and figures. If readers can absorb this article in ten minutes, it’s not the best guide.

Series post

Find opportunities to break up a topic into series. A particularly long or complicated article (such for instance, the most comprehensive guidepost) is an ideal opportunity to break it into pieces and put it together as a series.

In the introduction of the article when readers can anticipate the next post in the series when it will be released. Also, it is recommended to establish dates for when you will publish the sequence. For instance, you could publish it every day for the duration of one week, or each Monday for the following month. With announcing it and having an established timeframe the readers will know when to look forward to the next post and helps maintain interest in your post.

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