10 Vital Tips to Organize a Wedding Outdoors

10 Vital Tips to Organize a Wedding Outdoors

It will be a nice idea to organize your wedding outdoors where romantic breezes flow, all décor is natural and the sky is blue and bright. For making your ceremony memorable you can do a lot of things. Now I am going to share 10 vital tips to organize a wedding outdoors.

1. You can host the ceremony at a beach – At the sea beach, the lapping waves sound great when you will hear them after closing your eyes. Your back can have a feeling of the sun’s heat. But you are required to prevent the candles from extinguishing by the sea breeze. Along with this for arranging catering equipment, tents, chairs and tables you may have to pay money.

2. Host the ceremony in the backyard – You can save so much money by hosting the ceremony in the backyard instead of hosting it at some venue. The backyard will provide you priceless sentimental value. But you may have to arrange equipment for cooking, a tent and a dance floor that require a considerable amount of money to be paid for.

3. Make arrangements for electricity – Sometimes, for DJ, speakers, amps and appliances in the kitchen, you need to arrange generators because there is no surety that at outer place electricity will be present. Electricity is also required for portable heaters, air-conditioners and fans. So, contact an electrician and make arrangements for electricity there.

4. Prevent the guests from rain – At an outer place, the rain can occur any time and so you need to make arrangements for preventing guests from the rain. Thus, it will be good to provide umbrellas to the guests. Along with this you also have to provide towels to the guests because if a downpour occurs then the umbrellas will not be enough.

5. Make arrangements for cooling of the guests in the month of summer – A shade is necessarily required for the guests if you are going to host your ceremony at an outer place in the month of summer. It will be good if the reception tables have umbrellas and you arrange hats and fans for the guests. Along with this, offer iced tea and lemonade to the guests so that they remain hydrated.

6. Make arrangements for warming up of the guests in the winter season – If you want to host your ceremony at an outer place in the winter season then for preventing the guests from the chilling weather you have to fix tents and place heaters inside these.

7. Arrange seats for the guests – You will not like it if the guests are standing at your ceremony. So, arrange benches and chairs for them. After getting seated the guests can enjoy your ceremony in a much better way.

8. Protect the legs and shoes of the guests – If you are going to host your ceremony on an outer area having so much grass then you need to protect the legs and shoes of the guests. So, providing them heel protectors made of plastic will be a good idea. This will help the guests moving there without any problem.

9. Make the flow easy – It is necessary that the dance floor, dinner tables, bar and altar are situated at a considerable distance from each other. Place a carpet or stepping stones on the way to reach the above-mentioned areas. Toilets and trash bins need to be present away from all the above-mentioned areas. On the way, arrange lights so that the guests can move after seeing the way.

10. Make your outer venue free from wind and bugs – You may like to make your ceremony beautiful with florals like dahlias, zinnias and roses. The pests can be present in the plants of these flowers and these pests like the peonies, scabiosa and breath of babies. So, you need to use pesticides for killing such types of pests. Sometimes you may require to use citronella candles if there are mosquitoes at the place of your ceremony. If the breeze flows at a higher speed, then don’t place centerpieces or vases at the table because these can fall down in a condition like this.

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