10 Types of Custom Kraft Boxes for Your E-commerce Business

10 Types of Custom Kraft Boxes for Your E-commerce Business

Several different kinds of custom Kraft boxes are available in the market today. There are Die-cut foam inserts, Molded pulp, and slotted corrugated boxes. Let’s review some of them and see if they suit your ecommerce business. They will surely give a new lease of life to your business! However, before you go for custom kraft boxes, you need to consider a few factors, such as the size and shape of the product you want to package.

Custom Kraft Boxes

If you’re thinking about using Kraft boxes for packaging your ecommerce business’s products, you should know a few things before you make the purchase. The first thing you should know is that Kraft boxes are easy to customize, so you don’t have to worry about paying a set-up fee, expensive steel dies, or space-consuming printing plates. You can even use your artwork to add flair to your boxes!

If you’re unsure where to begin, use an online calculator to get a general idea of how much kraft paper you’ll need. Then, you’ll need to choose an infill material. You’ll want something that will make the packaging more earth-friendly, and you’ll also want to have extra protection for fragile items. Custom infill is less common, but printed kraft paper is the most common choice. You can also choose a different kind of infill to use if you’d like, such as kraft paper. Using a mixture of kraft paper and bubble wrap is another way to customize your packaging.

Cardboard shipping boxes are a great choice for many reasons. They’re recyclable and produce less waste than other packaging options. Additionally, they’re sturdy, lightweight, and easy to stack. The extra space you gain when using cardboard boxes can save you money on transit costs. Many ecommerce businesses use these boxes to ship dry goods and paper products. Not only are they eco-friendly, but they also allow you to create cross-selling opportunities.

Your packaging can be just as important as the product itself. Since most customers don’t get to see your products in person, they rely on pictures. If the pictures are high-quality, they will make a difference in whether your products will make it to their intended recipient. Good packaging will also help your products stand out in search engines. Custom Kraft boxes are a great choice for both eco-friendly packaging and customization.

If you want to be environmentally conscious, consider using 100% recycled Kraft Shipping Boxes. This type of cardboard has a higher recycling rate than white corrugated boxes. Most white corrugated boxes are not recyclable due to their high coverage digital ink process. For this reason, EcoEnclose is not offering white boxes at this time. They offer recycled paperboard and are ideal for many retailers selling paper products.

Die-cut foam inserts

If your ecommerce business ships products in irregular shapes, die-cut foam inserts will make shipping a breeze. Specifically cut to fit the shape and size of your products, custom foam inserts can protect fragile items while keeping them safe and secure during shipping. Custom foam inserts can save you time and money by making your products fit perfectly within their packaging.

While most custom Kraft boxes have a standard design, you can also choose to have custom die-cut foam inserts. Foam inserts are a great way to protect fragile items and prevent them from scratching. They also act as insulation against changes in temperature and extreme heat. Additionally, they are lightweight and easy to customize. Another option is corrugated inserts, which are made of sturdy cardboard.

Die-cut foam inserts in custom Kraft cartons are made of polyurethane, polyethylene, and polystyrene. While foam inserts offer excellent cushioning, they can be more expensive than other inserts. Corrugated cardboard inserts are more affordable and ideal for custom printing. Inline aqueous coating is another option that saves money on shipping.

In addition to die-cut foam inserts, die-cut boxes are highly customizable. They can accommodate almost any shape or size product. Additionally, you can customize your box with your logo. In addition to enhancing your branding, die-cut boxes are also very durable, making them ideal for ecommerce businesses. You can choose the right box for your business using our FEFCO styles catalog.

In addition to die-cut foam inserts, custom Kraft boxes offer many benefits. Compared to traditional mailers, custom die-cut boxes will fold open, allowing you to ship the products without hassle. And once the customer receives the items, they can easily reuse the box, creating more brand recognition and sustainable packaging. And because they will be reusable, they can also be recycled!

In addition to die-cut foam inserts, custom Kraft boxes can also feature multi-depth options. These boxes are especially useful for companies shipping products that are irregularly shaped. Because the boxes are multi-depth, they can provide the perfect shipping environment for products of all shapes and sizes. They can also save on shipping costs but require assembly. Your customers will be impressed when they receive their packages in their new packaging!

Slotted corrugated boxes

The process of designing, evaluating, and producing slotted corrugated boxes for your ecommerce products begins with understanding the fundamentals of ecommerce packaging. There are four types of these boxes, each varying, offering levels of protection and benefits. Understanding the differences between each type of ecommerce box will help you optimize your shipping services and increase repeat business. Below, you’ll learn about the benefits of slotted corrugated boxes for your ecommerce business.

Custom-tooled corrugated boxes are more expensive than boxes without tooling, but they have several benefits, including being more affordable. They have a custom shape and can be printed, and you can add printing or packaging tape to your box to complete it. This corrugated box is designed for high-volume shipping and requires little assembly time. It can be printed or branded with any color you choose.

Regular Slotted Containers: These boxes are the most common type of corrugated box. They feature equal-length flaps and meet in the center. If your items are lighter in weight, you can choose from regular slotted boxes. They come in an enormous range of colors, sizes, and styles, so you can choose a box that best matches your products. On the other hand, full-overlap boxes feature two flaps that overlap the entire top of the box. This type of corrugated box is stronger and can accommodate heavier items.

Offset printing is another option. Unlike digital printing, offset printing uses aluminum plates to transfer ink onto the paperboard. This method makes the print clear and crisp, and the images are not distorted. Offset printing is a great choice if you’re looking for high-quality results. Alternatively, you can opt for offset printing if you’re going for a low-volume, high-volume product.

There are four basic types of corrugated boxes. Each one offers different pros and cons, and each style has advantages and disadvantages. The two most common styles are double-walled, slotted, and triple-walled. If you choose to opt for a custom-made box, you’ll have to pay a lot more. However, this style of box is ideal for those with high-end items.

Molded pulp

If you’re in the market for custom Kraft boxes for your ecommerce business, consider using recycled newsprint or cardboard. This material has a high recycled content and is also curbside recyclable with other paper products. Besides being eco-friendly, molded pulp packaging is highly durable and structurally sound. It can withstand high temperatures and water. And it is 100% recyclable, too.

The molded pulp manufacturing process has been evolving since it was first developed in the mid-19th century. The first uses of pulp packaging included protective packaging, end caps, and egg cartons. But now, molded pulp is used for much more sophisticated packaging with a smooth surface and a fashionable look. It’s easy to see why many Ecommerce businesses are choosing this packaging material for their products.

Another benefit of using molded pulp for custom Kraft boxes is its versatility. The material is completely recyclable and comes in different thicknesses. Plus, it’s inexpensive, so you can easily cut any size sheet for your custom Kraft boxes. In addition, it’s lightweight and won’t add to your shipping costs. It’s also 100% degradable. Consider using this material as your packing infill if you’re thinking about recycling your custom Kraft boxes.

Unlike other paper packaging materials, molded pulp is natural and, therefore, has a distinctive brown color. And like cardboard boxes, kraft paper is tough and durable. It comes from the pulp of trees and contains a significant concentration of wood fibers. Compared to a white paper, kraft paper is less refined, as it was once bleached with chlorine. It would help if you also considered choosing paper with high opacity and a low sag to improve the strength of your boxes.

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