10 tips to spot a fake jewellery

10 tips to spot a fake jewellery post thumbnail image

Are you in search of how to spot whether jewellery is fake or real? If you want to save your money and don’t want to get cheated while purchasing any jewellery then you should keep some important things in your mind.

You should know the jewellery which you are buying is real or fake. There are certain tips and techniques to identify whether a particular piece of jewellery is fake or not.

If you are searching for real jewellery then go through this article which tells you about how to spot fake jewellery. Let’s know 10 easy tips to identify fake jewellery.

1. Always look for the hallmark

Every kind of jewellery has its own hallmark. While buying any jewellery, especially gold jewellery like gold earrings for women, you must see the hallmark on it. Hallmark is that certification that says that the gold is genuine.

This certification is given by the Bureau of Indian Standards. In well-known brands, you will find all jewellery is hallmarked.

Moreover, in the UK, jewellery like gold, silver, palladium, and platinum is legally a hallmark.

2. Should do the magnet test

The magnetic property of any metal plays an important role in spotting the given jewellery as fake or real. Keep in mind that gold, silver, and diamonds do not have magnetic properties, or rather, it is not attracted to a magnet.

If your jewellery is attracted to the magnet, then it is fake, whereas if the magnet does not affect that jewellery, then it will pass the first round of testing.

Junk is never found on gold, so if junk is seen on gold, then understand that it is fake and such fake gold will be attracted towards the magnet.

3. Do a floating test

Depending on the density of any material, it gets floats or sinks in water. Jewellery that sinks in water is considered to be a real one.

For this, take some water in a bucket and then put your jewellery in that water. If your jewellery sank, then understand that it has also passed the floating test and that particular jewellery is real.

Real Gold, silver, diamond, and gemstone jewellery sank in the water.

But if it starts floating, then understand that the shop owner has sold you fake jewellery by calling it real.

4. Go for an acid test

For this, We will need Nitric acid. Nitric acid does not affect real gold..

However, if it is copper, zinc, sterling silver, or something else, then the effect of nitric acid will be seen on it.

For this test, slightly scratch the jewellery and pour nitric acid on it. If it is gold then it will not affect it.

5. Drop a Vinegar

Vinegar is easily available in almost every kitchen. You just have to put a few drops of vinegar on your jewellery, there will be no effect on your jewellery, provided it is real.

But, If it turns out to be imitation, then wherever the drops of vinegar fall, there will be a change in the colour of that jewellery, and hence the jewellery is fake.

6. Carat information

The information of gold is also written in jewellery and it is written in two ways. One carat and one finance number.

Carats of gold is written in it, whether it is 24 or 18. 24 carat is the finest and real gold, but 22 carat in jewellery is because zinc is used in it to make jewellery.

7. Follow the skin test

Wearing fake gold jewellery causes discolouration or discolouration of the skin, if it is fake then skin colour changes to black or green.

For this test, hold the jewellery in your hand for some time. The sweat on the skin performs a chemical reaction with the gold or silver, If the jewellery is fake, the skin will be discoloured (black or green).

If the jewellery is genuine it will not react with the skin.

8. Try for a professional way

There is another sure way to know whether jewellery, especially gold is real or fake. You can take the gold jewellery to a reputed and trusted jewellery dealer or jewellery shop.

Dealers or jewellers have a type of test kit which is used to tell whether gold is genuine or fake.

For this, they try to rub a piece of gold jewellery on a ceramic plate. If a golden line is formed on rubbing then the gold is real and if a black line is formed then the gold is fake.

Most jewellery stores may also charge a small fee to test gold jewellery.

9. Go for a certified and documented jewellery

Every jewellery has its own authorization, Always purchase that jewellery which is authorized by the government.

Prefer that jewellery which is BIS certified. BIS-certified jewellers get their jewellery hallmarked from any of the hallmarking centers. And this certified jewellery is genuine.

10. Buy from a respectable seller

You should prefer that jewellery seller who is well reputed and trusted.

Always purchase jewellery from a respected seller, they will provide you with genuine jewellery.

If you are in doubt about how to differentiate jewellery into real or fake, do follow the above-given tips. Just by showing a little understanding and awareness, you can avoid fake or adulterated jewellery. So above mentioned are some easy tips and tricks by which you will be saved from being cheated.

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