10 Tips and Hacks to Get More Views on Instagram Videos

10 Tips and Hacks to Get More Views on Instagram Videos post thumbnail image

We all know that Instagram is a great platform to share and enjoy photos and videos. However, sometimes it can be difficult to get moreinstant instagram views on your posts which in turn will result in less likes and followers. To help you out we have compiled 10 tips and hacks for you to use when posting videos on your account.

1) Use hashtags relevant to the content of your video

2) Add captions with clear instructions

3) Include links in your post

4) Share link often

5) Make sure the video is appropriate for all ages

6) Post at times when most people are online

7) Upload quality content

8 ) Keep it short

9 ) Provide a backstory or introduction

10 ) Be creative!

In the months since Instagram rolled out video, we’ve seen a lot of brands and people creating amazing content to best fit this new format.

But what about the stats? We know more views usually means a video was successful, but it’s not always easy to track how many people have watched your story or snap!

We’ll show you a couple of tips and a few third party apps that will help you figure out not only how many views your Instagram videos have received, but also where they came from and who’s been watching.


1) Use the histogram to see when people watch your video.

If you’ve ever wondered when most of your viewers drop off in the middle of your Instagram video, you’d love this tip.

You can actually see the exact time when people stop watching your story or snap by looking at the histogram . It’ll let you know if most people watched the entire video, gave up somewhere in between, or stopped watching halfway through. This is great information to have for any stories or snaps that require a bit more of a commitment from your audience.

2) Use the ‘insights’ tab to see who’s been watching your videos.

You can access this information under the ‘ insights tab in the Instagram app. This is where you’ll find out what demographics have been viewing your content, as well as how much time each view spent watching your video.

3) Use the ‘third party’ apps .

This is where it gets fun. There are several third party sites that’ll let you know how many views other users are getting on their Instagram videos, as well as where those views are coming from.

Buffer’s site is one of our favorites – it shows you a breakdown of your video stats by day, as well as where the views on your videos are coming from.

CrowdTangle is also really cool – this site gives you all kinds of demographic information on who’s watching your story or snap, which can be super helpful information to have! If you want to know how your videos are performing with certain demographics – say, women between 25-34 years old living in the U.S., CrowdTangle has got you covered.

4) Use both the histogram and ‘third party’ apps to compare apples to apples.

One downside of using third party apps to find out how many views your videos are getting is that the information isn’t always accurate. That’s why we recommend using both the histogram and sites like CrowdTangle or Buffer .

For example, if you found out you were getting 75% of your total views on Instagram video during primetime (between 8pm-11pm) using CrowdTangle , compare that to the data you receive from the histogram . If the information matches, then you know that both your histogram and third party app are giving you accurate results.

5) Use Twitter or Facebook Analytics to see who’s been watching your stories.

This one is pretty simple – if you have a Twitter or Facebook account, then you already have access to analytics that’ll tell you how many people are watching your stories or snaps!

Twitter Analytics will provide you with demographic information about the type of people watching your videos. For example, if you were to post a video on Twitter and it had 10 views – 5 of them came from men, while the other 5 came from women. You can then use this information to edit your future videos and make sure you’re creating content that appeals to both genders.

In a nutshell, there are several ways to track how many people have watched your Instagram stories or snaps, just be sure to do your research! There is plenty of helpful information out there from Instagram, as well as from third party apps and platforms.

In the end, remember that your video views on Instagram, Snapchat or any other platform will always be a work in progress. Over time, you’ll get a better idea of what types of videos resonate with your audience and which don’t – just keep going!

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