10 Catchy Ideas For An Impressive Home Renovation

10 Catchy Ideas For An Impressive Home Renovation post thumbnail image

A home renovation project can be anything from a change of exterior paint color to complete uphaul. There are so many possibilities that it is normal to feel confused and lost. No matter how much research you do, a home remodeling project is a step into an unknown realm. 

Although the most important limiting factor of any project is the budget, it could be a shortage of ingenious and creative ideas too. Some homeowners prefer to keep designing parts to themselves and hire some contractors to craft their dream project. 

Others understand the value of hiring professional home renovation services that handle the project from scratch to the final look of it. Whatever the case maybe, planning and budgeting are the crucial steps of it. 

The best renovations are the ones that make impressive changes to the abode as well as increase the real estate value of the property.

If you are looking for ingenious ideas to make your space more beautiful and functional, here are 10 catchy ideas for you.

Upgrade The Front Doors

The doors make up the visage of a home and they need to be in their best shape at any given moment. If you are up for a catchy home renovation, start with the front door area. 

Keep in mind that people make up their minds about a house in the first seven seconds as they enter the house. In most cases, the front door is the thing that is going to impact their thoughts about your house for a long time.

 If you have a limited budget, repainting the front door and getting its locks checked is your best bet. For those who have the money, replace the front doors with better, stronger, and more beautiful versions.

Add A Deck Or Patio

Owing to the current situation of people being confined to their living spaces, outdoor spaces have become even more important. Design a place such as a deck or a patio where you and your family can gather and be together. 

If you have enough space, installing a deck or patio is a DIY project. With a little expertise and skill up your sleeve, you can revamp your outdoor space to make it more attractive. You can also add functionality to this structure by covering it up so that natural elements have less sway in your cozy corner. Add railings to add safety.

Refinish The Exteriors

Catchy exteriors are going to get you better prices for your home. If you are not up for selling it soon, opt for smarter upgrades that make your home look more welcoming and inviting for you and your loved ones. Whatever your goal may be, paying attention to the house exteriors is going to be a payoff. 

An important part of home renovation is a tidy lawn and landscape. Pruned shrubs and bushes, trimmed and edges grasses, and an overall feeling of kempt-ness will go a long way in making your home enticing. For the houses without lawns, bring in some hanging plant pots for your front doors. Adding greenery gives a fresh appeal to your house.

Upgrade To Energy Efficient Appliances

More and more home buyers are looking for energy efficiency in a home. Whether you plan to sell your house or not, upgrading to energy-efficient appliances in your home is going to be a rewarding project. This does not only help to reduce the energy bills at the end of every month but you will be reducing your carbon footprint. 

Start with the thermostats. Replace the old and inaccurate thermostats with smarter ones. If you are using any appliances for more than 20 years now, it’s best to replace them with better and more efficient models. 

Pay attention to your HVAC unit and check if it’s consuming more energy than it should be. Fixing the insulation of your entire home is another simple yet very catchy home improvement project.

Make Your Home Light And Bright

It is no secret that bold and bright colors are fun and exciting. They work well in certain parts of a home but if you want to make your home warm and welcoming for anyone, opt for lighter and brighter interiors. 

Lots and lots of natural light and neutral colors in a home add a ton of aesthetic appeal to a house. It’s the golden rule that works equally well for small, medium, and big homes. As minimalism is the new big thing, make sure your house does not feel cluttered. Install more artificial lights on the exterior to keep it illuminated during the darker hours.

Refinish/Replace Home Cabinets

The storage spaces of your home are very important when it comes to home renovation. These could be anything from your kitchen pantry to the storage cabinets in your bedroom. Of course, you could buy new cabinets to give your house a facelift but that demands a huge chunk of your budget.

 A more practical approach is to assess the condition of the current cabinetry. Painting or staining it might do the trick. You can also use wallpapers to cover the front doors of storage spaces in your home. All it takes is a hefty amount of glue/tape, carefully chosen wallpapers, and a few hours of your attention.  

Get more organizers for your storage spaces and you would see a significant improvement in the functionality of these spaces.

Make Unused Space More Useful

The more useful space a home has, the more attractive it is for a potential buyer. It could be your attic, basement, or the small storeroom you have been neglecting for years. Over the past year, our relationship with our living spaces has changed because a lot of activities that were happening outside now happen inside the homes. 

Look for any under-utilized space in your home. If you have an unfinished basement, take this as an opportunity to complete and transform it into a health and fitness room. It could be the perfect place to work out, massage, or spa. Adding square footage to your home is always a great idea for improving its real estate value.

Updating The Kitchen And Bathrooms

This may not be something new or very unique but home renovations are almost incomplete without upgrading the kitchen and bathrooms.

Kitchens have always sold homes and apartments. The current pandemic has more emphasis on personal cooking places. It’s essential to have a kitchen that is more functional and beautiful. It should be a perfect place to cook several meals over the day as well as storing enough supplies. 

Add more storage space to the kitchen. The kitchen island could be a chic yet highly functional breakfast bar. Replace the countertops and opt for materials that are easy to clean.


Painting remains to be one of the best ideas for home renovation. No matter how boring the color seems, a fresh coat of paint instantly makes a home look cleaner. Paint the exteriors with weather-resistant paints and choose the colors that crank up the curb appeal of your home.

Create A Home Office

It’s long enough using your kitchen table as your office. Think of a practical solution for your work-from-home lifestyle. Create a comfortable home office. 

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