Best Ecommerce Site in Bangladesh

10 Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh (2022)

In this modern era, the eCommerce sector grows dramatically day by day. These days, people prefer to shop online anything rather than going to a physical market.

From that demand side, currently, a number of eCommerce sites are providing their service in Bangladesh. is also one of them that is providing their eCommerce service throughout the country.

But there are also numerous eCommerce sites like Here are the top 10 best eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. Keep reading to learn more.


Compared to other popular eCommerce sites, is a new eCommerce site. Then again, it has a huge product collection. From fashion items to grocery items, you will find almost everything on Not only that, they have excellent payment methods.

Anyone can easily make purchases from their website since it’s so user-friendly. The best part about is, they always make sure of assured delivery and fair price. You will also get an attractive price if you shop from

These days, the eCommerce sector of Bangladesh is very competitive; Then again, has a very strong position as a good competitor in terms of their products, services, delivery system, and so on. That is why can easily set its position in the top 10 best eCommerce sites of Bangladesh.


If you have ever shopped anything online in Bangladesh, you may be familiar with this eCommerce site It is one of the most common and popular eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. Not only in Bangladesh, but they also provide their services in Pakistan, Sri Lanka, Nepal, and Myanmar. also provides logistics services. Anyone can buy and sell from It is also a very good platform for merchants. You can buy almost everything from this eCommerce website.

Starting from Fashion accessories, gadgets, jewelry to furniture and automobile, you will find everything on this eCommerce. In these recent years, Daraz group is also affiliated with Alibaba group.  

3. is also a very popular eCommerce site in Bangladesh. They become very well-known to the people because of their committed customer services and high-quality products. Usually, they sell genuine smartphones, computers, perfume, and watches.

The best part of this eCommerce is they provide fast delivery. If you order something today, you will get it by tomorrow. They also offer so many exciting deals, return policies with EMI payments.

4. is specially designed for food items and grocery items. So that customers can easily buy their daily grocery needs online. And it has become very popular among people because it is very easier to use and shop from this site. It also offers beauty products, health items, and home appliances.

The sole purpose of is to save the valuable time of their customers and make grocery shopping easy for them. Sometimes, you will also get exciting offers with exciting deals when you can buy your everyday needs at a very good price.

5. site is also one of the oldest and popular eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. They started their journey in 2010. You will find fashion products and accessories on this eCommerce site. Offer fashion items from both national and international brands.

They have a huge collection of fashion items from various popular brands. Also offer fast cash delivery, Bkash payment along with debit and credit card payment.


If you are looking for good products at an affordable price, then you can visit It is a very well-known e-commerce site among Bangladeshi people. You will find the daily necessities at a very good price range.

The overall order process of is also very easy and convenient for users. They also have a very good return and refund policy. Their payment methods are also very easier; they offer cash on delivery with Bkash payment.

7. was founded in the year 2012. It has a huge number of users across the country. It is a big online marketplace where anyone can buy and sell anything. is one of the biggest second-hand markets in Bangladesh.

No matter where you are living in Bangladesh, you can post free advertisements for your product and sell it anywhere in the country. The free advertising service makes this eCommerce service very popular among the mass people.

8. is a very reputable online eCommerce for various types of books. You will find different types of books on this eCommerce site at a very good deal. Since they offer cash on delivery, you can order any book online and get it to your home in a few days. also has a very good and flexible return and refund policy. After ordering any book, if you do not get it by three days, then you will get the full refund from The overall customer review of proves their customer service and quality.

9. is an eCommerce site from the Pran RFL group. Since it is a sibling company of a big company, that is why there is no doubt about their service. This eCommerce site started its journey in 2015. After that, they started growing up very rapidly.

They have a vast diversity of apparel, beauty products, accessories, furniture, and electronics. Sometimes, they also offer their products at a very good deal with huge discounts. They deliver their products throughout Bangladesh, including the remote areas.


This eCommerce site was founded in 2013. is well-known for its customer service. You will find almost everything on their sites, starting from clothing to any jewelry items. They also have a huge collection of fashion products.

As a result, you can easily pick and choose your favourite item from that websites. Basically, their top-ranked customer reviews and customer service makes this eCommerce very popular and trustworthy among the mass people. They also offer various payment methods like Bkash, Visa debit or credit cards, and so on.

Bottom line:

These days, there are plenty of eCommerce sites in Bangladesh. As a result, the competition among those eCommerce sites is also very strong. So, all of them try to provide their best service possible. But as a customer, you need to choose the best for you.

Bangladesh has numerous online shopping locales expanding in notoriety step by step. We comprehend that online shopping implies purchasing through online orders. As of now, it is a famous site for individuals in Bangladesh. As individuals are extremely occupied with their work or work, they can’t get sufficient opportunity to purchase from business sectors. Time is vital for anybody. So everyone needs to save time.

With the web office, Bangladesh is gradually creating online advertising for individuals. This is why online shopping locales have attempted all of the time to help the clients of Bangladesh, and online shops are taking a significant website on the Bangladesh web bit by bit. is one of them that you can choose and shop your daily needs from. Since they have a very user-friendly interface. As a result, anyone can shop and buy products from their websites. Hopefully, by reading this article, you know about the top 10 Best Ecommerce Sites in Bangladesh now.

By the day’s end, excellent ecommerce website design is about emphasis. Start with the total pages and design speedy models. Test them with your group to make similar-sounding word usages. Send off another look and gather direct bits of knowledge from your clients.

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